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Womens Stylish Leather Glove With Elasticized Wrist


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In order to thoroughly shield oneself in the winter, keeping one’s hands warm is essential. Moreover, hands remain icy cold unnoticeably since they are the most exposed part. Winter gloves are the little add-ons that are most frequently cast aside yet are beneficial for increasing the warmth retention factor. Winter accessories by Alen Cooper come in a wide variety of styles and hues. The Stylish leather glove is a great winter adornment for women in its most modern iteration.

The smart pair forms an exceptional extra to be tagged up with any dress, that might be of any shade or belong to any theme. It defines a sheer contrast and compliment the general fashion.  The black stunning hue is left uniform which radiates its magnificent appeal. An overall black-on-black elegance – owing to its exquisite detailing. It exudes its charm through the criss-cross embellishment along the cuff. The leather trim strap forms an additional décor and throws off its classic appearance with a side snap button.

Short-style cuffs elevate the regal gloves and shape a fabulous smart look. However, they are further secured and held in place by the tight-fit elastic stretch along the wrist. The feature enhances it to be well-appropriate for riding purposes. Besides, it has a soft and comfortable shell that permits free finger bending and encourages frantic activities. The winter add-on imparts a most sumptuous feel. Its strong gauge stitches hold the shape for years and need little upkeep. Assured to be suitable for vigorous activities.  

The authentic Stylish leather glove is made of real Lamb Leather. It has the unique property that, even when pressure causes severe deflation, the regular upright shape is soon restored, leaving no sign of deformity. As a result, the luster and attractiveness are maintained. The sparkling gloss is reflected in an outstanding Aniline finish. Internal fur lining imparts a cozy touch.  

All in all, the Womens leather Glove hits the “one-time purchase” tag and can be utilized for scores and runs of activities. It is available in sizes for a perfect fit. It forms a smart buy!

Physical Features:

  • Real Lamb Leather
  • Inner fur lining
  • Sturdy Gauge stitching
  • Embellished cuffs
  • Snap button décor along wrist strap
  • Easy slide-in through elasticized wrist
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