If the leather is genuine then it can be your lifelong companion. But you have to do some care so that you can best enjoy it.


Do not expose the leather product to wax or silicone otherwise these can clog the pores of the leather
Leather darkening products such as mink oil or other fats are highly restricted
The cleaning products which are a bit greasier or leave residue those are not accepted. And you are suggested to completely avoid those products.


Damp a sponge in the like warm water, softly wipe and clear the dirt and dust from the leather product
Use any soft cloth to remove the water residue
Avoid the soap and cleaning shampoo as these can fade the leather color
For proper cleaning, a professional cleaning expert/you may contact us at [email protected] to help you the best


Do not use any plastic cover or plastic-lined bag for the leather product storage as your leather product need to breathe
You should store it in a cool dry place
Hang the outerwear in order to maintain the perfect shape