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Alen Cooper is a leading leather, shearling and fur outerwear, shoe and bag destination. It only values customer satisfaction and that’s why any product with significant defects (excluding normal wear and tear) can be accepted for repair within the first 90 days from the very first purchase date. But please note that Alen Cooper has the right to refuse any repair at its own judgment.

Generally, defect in the zipper, “dog clip” or “push lock” fault, loss of button or snap is accepted as a manufacturing defect. All the products of Alen Cooper are created with great care. All the little details of the products are properly checked so that the customers can enjoy the best products. Here you can enjoy genuine products and a wider color variation. Due to aging, wear and tear take place inevitably and that is completely normal.

Generally, due to lack of proper care discoloring of leather, loss of fur and feather and tears in other materials take place and that will not be covered by Alen Cooper’s warranty policy and in that case, you may have to pay a fee for repair (if the repair is possible). Mainly the delicate fabrics are engaged in fashion collections and apparels and that’s why the normal wear and tear is not accepted under any warranty.

Footwear with significant manufacturing defect can be repaired by us within 30 days from the initial purchase date. If you buy any product of Alen Cooper from a third party retailer then the warranty will be void for your products and in that case you can ask that third-party retailer.

For more details please leave a mail at [email protected].

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