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Full Skin Arctic Fox Scraf



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Acquire the chance to promote daily dressing by picking up add-ons that go perfectly with daily casuals. A useful accessory serves multiple purposes and frames into sporadic uses. Alen Cooper’s furred accessories specially the boa scarves and collars add fame to any attire. Furred scarves esteem their perfectness in twining up with any sort of apparel. An inventive design by Alen Cooper defines a basic scarf that excels in flexibility.  The Full Skin Arctic Fox Scraf with tail is a sheer definition of adaptability and vogue, crafted for trendy women.

The winter scarf highlights the voluminous accents of real foxes. Arctic foxes are known for their lovely appearance and so does this white arctic fox fur add-on. The enticing appeal proves the originality of fur and so ensures its effectiveness as a winter shield for icy surroundings. Hence, single-handedly, the adornment is sufficient for maintaining the fending tag.  It reflects the natural being of a fox’s hide. The concept signifies the premium quality of real fur and also exudes a warm vibe. 

The single-shaded regalia radiates a bright contrast when paired up with any dress irrespective of their shade and blend. Its glamorous appeal makes it perfect to twin up with basic casuals or party attire to exude its gorgeous voluminous stance. Fanciness is given way by the fox face lookalike detailing along one of its ends and a replicated fox tail. This further promotes the authenticity of the complete fox hide used. 

Comfort is maintained by Silky Satin lined on the internal of the scarf. One can experience an amplified sumptuousness attributable to its smooth touch. The best part is that the massive product weighs less and thus, one can carry it easily along the shoulder or wrap around the neck without hurdles. It is a true definition of effortless luxury dressing in the iconic theme. Magnetic locks at both ends aid a snug fit.  

Therefore, why escape the cold, rather enjoy the winter festivities by staying warm and snug in the gorgeous Full Skin Arctic Fox Scraf with tail. 

Physical Features:

  • Authentic Arctic fox fur scarf
  • Smooth and silky satin internal lining
  • Natural shade
  • Magnetic Buckle at ends
  • Broad style scarf
  • Add-on functions as neck warmer, stole and boa.
  • Carries lookalike fox face and tail

Instructions for use:

  • Hair dryer – blow for acquiring the fluffy shape; on receipt of the item
  • To be subtly hand washed to retain its original shape
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