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Decorated Short Bow Gloves in Leather for Women


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One of the most practical items to wear, hand gloves continue to grow in popularity as the years go by. The hands, which are the most exposed body parts, continue to feel warm during their usage. To link up fashion with functionality, Alen Cooper responds with its delicately decorated short bow gloves for women, which offer warmth and serve as an additional style icon.

The short gloves are simple yet leave a classy stance. It is crucially practical in subzero colds and permits frenetic work. It promotes daily use due to its sophisticated design. But, wearing it to a party may also be considered an occasion.

The delightful hue of wine shade has no equal in vogue and perpetuates contrast when coordinated well with other outfits. The single-tone trait is attractive and rather compliments the charisma. Short cuffs with extended white colored fur trim have a regal touch.Together, the appropriate finishing and the vibrant color scheme combine to reveal the enormous grandeur.

The comfy gloves are made in real lambskin leather and so known for their flexibility and warmth. Light weight trait is followed up by authenticity. The internal fur lining is uniform to ensure an extended feel of comfort. The striking single-style bow appliqué on top of a seemingly plain glove adds to its splendor.It can create a stunning combination when combined with clothing in a different color family and take on an amazing look when worn along with the same shade.

The Decorated Short Bow Gloves are all sturdy and tailored with finger fourchettes and well-shaped quirks. Tensile strength is maintained at a standard level while flexibility is enhanced. As a corollary, one can experience unrestricted mobility. Well built with a smarter innovation is amongst its special features. The selection is a smart buy!

Physical Features:

  • Real Lamb Leather
  • Internal Fur lining
  • Tailored with proper quirks and fourchettes
  • Good tensile strength
  • Bright Wine shade 
  • Extended fur trim through cuff line 
  • Single style bow appliqué on top
  • Free end hand sliding
  • Short cuffs
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