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Real Leather Glove With Button Closure


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Gloves that are both cozy and fashionable are constantly in high demand. For formal occasions as well as daily wearing, fewer frilled ones are favored the most. Simple gloves become the most crucial needs for daily usage when it comes to functionality. Alen Cooper presents the elite Real Leather Glove that maintains its beauty despite having simple features.

The glove is crafted out of high quality real lamb leather. Its specialty holds its light weight tag and allows for free finger movement. Also real leather excels in leaving minimal wrinkled  impression. Glitzy gloss is mirrored owing to the superior Aniline finishing. An internal comfort is gained by its inner soft fur lining. Natural fur of a premium grade is always suitable for all skin types.

The stylish gloves is tailored taking the comfy trait and vogue into account. Its comfortable fit allows for flexible movement which is a must-have criterion.  It is shaped with Fourchettes and quirks to give it a modest turn with a proper fit feature. Also an additional draw decorartion at the back of palms forms a contrasting trait.

The gloves provides for an easy hand slide in and carries a button closure. It is uniquely framed by a leather strap to form a belt. Thus it is a unique feature and provides with an option of securing the gloves is experienced.  It is available in sizes and so ensures for a proper fit. It forms a versatile type of glove accounting for a good formal statement as well as semi-formal event. It can be tagged up for a daily wear too.

All in all, the Womens Winter Glove is an overall sturdy featured which is ensured by Gauge stitches along it. Its maintains its original shape and real leather causes it to preserve oits original allure.

Physical Features:

  • Authentic Leather
  • Inner fur lining
  • Sturdy Gauge stitching
  • Smart tailored quirks for better mobility
  • Fourchettes for a better fit
  • Carries draw decoration
  • Buckle closure
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