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Women’s Real Red Fox Fur Collar Scarf



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Winters are no more a frigid season, but a warm festive celebration. One can enjoy warmth and snugness through the addition of luxurious extras to basic attire. Alen Cooper presents easy opulent adornments for making winters easy. The womens fox fur scarf is a basic neck warmer designed with advanced inventiveness. The specialty highlights its multi-functional ability. 

The scarf is crafted out of authentic red fox fur having an internal lining made of 100% Satin. Its voluminous and dense appearance reflects its genuineness. Real fur is known to weigh less and so the furred accessory is comfortable to adorn for longer periods. A high warmth-to-weight ratio is maintained. Though having a feathery light trait, the regalia works as a tremendous weather shield. Red foxes from the extremely icy Northern zones of the Northern Hemisphere stay warm and protected owing to their naturally dense fur. As such the accessory represents the true being of authentic fur and functions as such. Genuine fur is anti-shedding and still retains warmth even if encounters rain and gets wet.

The scarf reflects a complete hide and so is broad and long. Both parameters aid to preserve snugness and add plush. It is further completed with a similar fox face lookalike and tail detail each at one of the ends.  The adornment can be accessorized as a critical neck warmer, a partial stole for guarding shoulder and arms, or a fancy boa. Its natural color blends with a real fox image to create an elegant party theme. It has concealed magnetic buckles on the interior to secure the fit.

The womens fox fur scarf is a highly durable winter signature that shall keep flourishing with everlasting beauty. Its creative design suits every woman. It requires minimum upkeep to preserve its softness and fluffy being. The selection assures a smart buy. 

Physical Features: 

  • Authentic red fox fur full skin scarf
  • Smooth and silky satin internal lining
  • Natural shade
  • Magnetic Buckle at ends
  • Broad style soft and fluffy scarf
  • Add-on functions as neck warmer stole, and boa.
  • Carries lookalike fox face and tail

Instructions for use:

  • Hair dryer – blow for acquiring the fluffy shape; on receipt of the item
  • To be subtly hand washed to retain its original shape
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