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Womens Winter Glove With Fox Fur Cuff


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It becomes essential to jazz up the wardrobe with a complete winter package. Small extras are frequently overlooked while preparing a shopping list. When it comes to functionality, small accessories become the most important requirements to fully protect oneself. Hands are one of the most vital body parts that are constantly exposed to the icy weather, and their coldness induces other parts to become numb. Alen Cooper presents one of the most regal Womens Winter Glove With Fox Fur Cuff  which strikes a perfect balance of comfort and fashion.

The glove is crafted of genuine lamb leather, which greatly adds to its appealingly light weight feel. Superior leather’s quality is an assurance.  It is given a premium touch by the Analine finishing. Hence, its glossy allure is stemmed from its pristine natural beauty. An internal comfort is gained by its inner fur lining. Furred accessories are known for their light weight and so does this wonderful hand glove. It contributes for maintaining an immense warmth. Uniform texture assures for the best feel and keeps the palms toasty.

The fox fur at the cuffs adds yet another luxury detail. Natural arctic fox fur offers an eternal warmth in addition to its attractive appearance. Its chunky structure forms both an exquisite touch and reflects an inviting warm appearance. The gloves provides for a free hand slide in without any closing.  This makes getting dressed for a short outing, simple. Owing to its availability of  different sizes, a correct fit is guaranteed.

The snugness permits flexible mobility, which covers an essential requirement for forming a moving body part covering. Alen Cooper therefore specializes at designing soft gloves that will fit everyone. Modern fourchettes and quirks are tailored for quick movement and improved grip.  The lifespan and original charm are preserved by the robust  gauged stitching, which resists unexpected tearing during crude use.

The Womens Winter Glove With Fox Fur Cuff  forms an evergreen edgy fashionable accessory and ensures to be stalwart. Its uniform single tone forms a significant highlight on its black-on black elegance. It can be paired up with dresses of any contrasting uniform shade as well as a perfect match for a multicolor scheme. 

Physical Features:

  • Real Lamb Leather
  • Arctic fox fur along cuffs
  • Inner fur lining
  • Sturdy Gauge stitching
  • Smart tailored quirks for better mobility
  • Fourchettes for a better fit
  • Free hand slide-in feature
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