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Men Fullskin Mink Fur Coat


Original price was: $5,500.00.Current price is: $4,495.00.

  • Premium quality mink fur
  • Waist-length men’s jacket
  • Warm and comfortable to wear
  • Full sleeved
  • Waist and cuffs with ribbed, elasticated band for a perfect fit
  • Mink fur hood to cover the head

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This is a Special/Customized Order. 

ESTIMATED DELIVERY: 2 to 3 weeks from the day of receipt of Order. 

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Grab the chance to go by the tag of Comfortable Fashions when Alen Cooper is right next to you offering a handful of winter luxury lines. The iconic outerwear sets out a great artwork by leaving an ultra-fashionable stance. Hence avail the opportunity to give off an overall voguish statement just by donning a single outerwear. In a similar fashion, presenting the Men Fullskin Mink Fur Coat, which reflects a premium elegance in its most modest appeal.

About the Mink Fur Coat for Men

To begin with, the cutting-edge coat features a regular waist length and an all-around moderate fit. Smart tailoring also ensures a tremendously snug and comfortable fit and improves the masculine appearance. Even more is felt, as it has a distinctly classic aspect while being plain and eloquent. 

Additionally, because it is made entirely of natural full-skin mink fur, it meets all the requirements for matching standards with the ideal parameters. For instance, it ensures luxury, allows free mobility, wards the cold, and also keeps up the natural luster.

Hallmark of Attractions of the Men Fullskin Mink Fur Coat

In basic terms, mink fur pelts appear to have been expertly and precisely woven leaving a uniform texture. Also, trimmed fur reflects their incredibly dense being, an alluring as well as functional quality. Furthermore, the natural brown accents accentuate the originality of fur while also leaving tinges of glimmer. 

Besides, an erect stand collar symbolizes superb beauty and immaculate perfection.  

Added Extras of the Mink Fur Men Coat

On the whole, the Men Coat in Mink Fur is a great choice for staying warm in chilly conditions. Its extra features, for instance, the full satin interior lining, slit-tailored front pockets, and the zip-up front closure, all significantly enhance the impression of opulence. Markedly, zippers ensure smooth running ability irrespective of crude slides. That is to say, the chrome finish enhances their durability. 

Therefore, both the cozy sensation and iconic prestige are retained in substantial balance with casual wear. Lastly, exclusivity pinnacles to pristine perfection when the detachable hood is clip locked to the coat. To point out, the hood is likewise crafted out of silky satin as the interior lining and full skin mink fur trim on the exterior.

Closing Phrase

To conclude, the Mink Fur Coat for Men guarantees its reliability in terms of both beauty and sturdiness.  It also does a great job of matching up with any bottoms and underlying clothing. Overall, it guarantees value for money for being stalwart and assuring the natural fur’s anti-shedding property.

Features of Men Coat in Mink Fur:

  • Natural brown shade with accents of glitzy shade
  • Natural full-skin mink fur pelts in their original dense being
  • Uniform fur texture 
  • Authentic soft fur
  • An Inner lining of completely silky satin
  • Waist-length Coat with a slightly baggy fit although it entails cozy and flexible quality
  • Furred stand collar
  • Smooth zipper serving the front closure
  • 2 front pockets in slit style 
  • Detachable hood facilitated by a premium zipper
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