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Leather Bomber Jacket with Fox Fur to Be the Style Icon This Winter


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Product Features

  • Supreme quality leather vintage v bomber texture
  • Pure polyester inner lining
  • Quality quilts all over
  • Soft and comfortable real fox fur collar

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This deluxe leather bomber jacket with fox fur collar is designed to turn any man into a style icon. Gifted designers have handcrafted it using the finest quality lambskin leather and fur from the Arctic fox. This gorgeous winter outfit is undeniably the outcome of refined craftsmanship as well as ingenuity. One can truly witness the perfect balance between its amazing aesthetic and practical features after wearing it.

Exclusive Qualities of Suave Leather Bomber with Fox Fur Jacket

It’s designed with a thick collar of Arctic fox fur which enwraps the neck in cozy warmth. This isn’t just a utilitarian feature. It certainly glamorizes this jacket’s appearance. To emphasize, the pristine white shade of the fur looks appealing in contrast to the navy blue shade of the lambskin leather.

The unique quilting pattern also enhances this jacket’s appearance. The slant stitching lines are present all over the body and form modish V shapes when the jacket is fastened using a metal zipper. The zipper has chrome finish to ensure longevity. Therefore, this winter-outfit has been designed to be one’s companion for years. It only requires minimum care and maintenance. Indeed, it may even be passed through generations as luxurious heirloom with no change in its aesthetic charm.

The diagonal shape of the welt pockets blends in perfectly with the jacket’s overall design. One may use them to carry personal items. They’re equally useful for keeping the palms warm in colder months. To keep one fresh and comfortable for hours, this outfit is designed with finest quality satin lining. The elasticated hemline as well as the cuffs is another noteworthy feature of this bomber jacket. This designing style ensures close fitting around the wrists and waist for more warmth and smart looks.

Key Components:

  • Posh biker jacket of lambskin leather with a stylish collar of Arctic fox fur feels incredibly warm
  • V-shape quilting pattern all over the body and sleeves
  • Diagonal side pockets for essentials or to keep the palms warm
  • Metal zipper with chrome finish for durability
  • Elasticated cuffs and hemline for snug fit and more warmth
  • Silky satin lining for a comfortable feel
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