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Real Sheepskin Shearling Coat for Men


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Product Features

  • Finishing – Silky-Crakle
  • Wool – Authentic Shearling Pelts
  • Embellishment – Merino Wool trim, Leather trim, Shoulder epaulet
  • Modified Front line, Hemline, Wrist Border
  • Zippered Front Closure, Pockets
  • Turned-down Collar, Notch Lapels
  • Belted Collar
  • Waist-length
  • Temperature – 25°F
  • Wind Resistant
  • Water Repellent
  • Applications – Casual, Semi-formal, festive

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Authentic sheepskin or shearling hides fames their tremendous warmth retention ability and a typical cold weather shield. So, the sheepskin shearling coat for men forms a high-end product with the original quality of shearling wool pelts.

Added Extras of Real Sheepskin Shearling Coat

The waist-length real shearling sheepskin coat by Alen Cooper is a fantastic option for men’s fashion. For instance, it has an appreciable lightweight regardless of the thick and dense shearling wool pelts. Moreover, the interior’s soft and fluffy texture of wool pelts exudes utter luxury. Also, the natural wool ensures that the jacket can withstand bitter cold on its own.

The entirety of the silky-crack finishing adds to its enhanced appeal.

Basic details Real Sheepskin Shearling Coat

The winter coat in sheepskin shearling for men emanates contrasting brown and yellow tones with a black decorative patch on each sleeve. Thus, the strikingly contrasting outerwear makes a charming pick on a dull winter day. However, it is designed as an aviator jacket with standard front zipper closing and side pockets. Equally important, the zippers ensure their smooth-run grade.

Accessorizing Features

Genuine shearling wool trim accents highlight the frontline.  Further, beautiful short notch-lapels and a turn-down collar offer more plushness and serve as a neck warmer. In addition, the fitting adjustments are made using regular leather straps and buckles. Besides, vest belts with buckle ends and shoulder straps have functional and attractive features.

Ending Clause

Overall, the real sheepskin shearling coat for men is the best choice for a resilient look. Strong seam stitching covered in distinctive leather trim adds a highlight in addition to durability. It is cozy to wear and promotes continued use for a long time.

Physical Features of Men Sheepskin Shearling Coat:

  • Brown aviator with yellow and black highlights
  • Coat of real sheepskin Shearling wool pelts
  • Reflects silky-crack finishing glaze
  • Vest and shoulder belt
  • Collar down with short lapel
  • Belted collar for serving as an alternative neck warmer
  • Wool trim frontline
  • Zip-up front
  • Tilted zippered slit pockets on the sides
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