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Long Blue Silver Fox Fur Coat for an Aristocratic Look


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This luxuriant long blue silver fox fur coat with magnificent aesthetic features can make a woman look effortlessly elegant. At the same time, it can keep one warm even on the coldest days of winter. The long guard hair of Silver Fox gives this outfit a fuller look. On the other hand, the dense undercoat ensures minimum loss of body-heat alongside keeping the cold wind of winter at bay.

Functionality of Modish Long Blue Silver Fox Fur Coat

The utilitarian features of this long coat are as magnificent as its aesthetic features. Owing to the full skin pelts of Silver fox, this knee-length coat is ideal for frosty weather. It keeps a large part of the body wrapped in the comfort of fox fur. The long sleeves as well as the hood of fox fur certainly add to this pleasure.

This regal outfit is designed with a lovely frontline of fox fur which is an extension of the hood. It offers added warmth to the front part of the body whilst the large hood keeps the head and neck covered from the wind. With premium quality satin lining, this coat feels markedly comfortable to wear.

Despite its fuller appearance, this is a lightweight long coat which causes no discomfort even when worn for hours. The baggy fitting certainly adds to this comfortable feeling. It has spacious slash pockets on both sides to carry the essentials. Additionally, one may use them to keep the palms warm if necessary.

Elegant & Versatile Blue Silver Fox Long Coat

The artistic arrangement of fox fur pelts certainly enhances the aesthetic appeal of this classy long coat. Because of its elegance, one may wear it to the winter-time ceremonies and events to enthrall the onlookers. This outfit looks equally befitting for the semi-formal meetings or casual outings.

Key Components

  • Deluxe knee-length coat of Silver fox fur with finest quality satin lining
  • Fox fur hood and frontline for added comfort
  • Clip-lock fastener in the front
  • Slash pockets with sufficient space for essentials on both sides
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