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Hooded Silver Fox Fur Long Coat for Women


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Fox fur has a separate fan base. Having a sophisticated and charismatic appeal, fur coats have been ruling the fashion industry. With newer trends kicking in, fox fur coats are in high demand. Mainly due to the variety of colors, Alen Cooper has introduced the most premium and expensive silver fox fur coat. The silver fox fur long coat womens emanates the natural allure of full skin fox fur pelts . Made with one of the most expensive fur in the industry, the furry coat serves its natural color and feel.

About the Fox Fur Long Womens Coat

The long trench coat has an exemplary outlook. It has long guard and silk hair. The attention grabber of the long coat is the wide looking hood. Also known as swing fashion piece, the wide hood carries parallel box style design. Most important is the lapel section which is the striking aspect. The lapel area is accentuated with arctic white fox fur. Both the hood and the lapel collar has been constituted in a parallel box format with insertion of arctic white fox in between the silver para boxes.

It is more like you can on to the boxes that is conjoined to result in an impeccable look. The black and white monochrome outlook is all over the body. The sleeves of the long fur coat is also sectioned in parallel box style design. You can actually count in the boxes on each sleeve. Being one of the most expensive and premium fox furs, silver fox fur texture is extremely soft and supple.

Features and Accessories

The classic long fox fur coat carries an eye-catching hood and wide lapels. The stitching of body grabs your attention right away. They are like small boxes in vertical orientation and these parallel sections adds to he visual appeal. The additional glamourous is the full-wide-length sleeves. They are enough wide to offer you sufficient warmth and comfort. The entire coat is fluffy and keeps you warm.

The fur covered hood has mainly the defined sectioning of the paragraph style designing. It reflects a seamless processing and thus becomes the main attention grabber of the plush winter outerwear. The silver fox fur long womens coat has side pockets on each side. They are spacious and hand-warming keeping your palms warm and cozy when you are outside.

Further, the authentic fox fur trench coat holds hidden clips with locks. It acts as the closure for the long coat. The inner lining of the long fur coat is silky satin. Both the inside and backside of the hood is dictated with silver fox fur. This ensures more warmth to your head and neck area. In addition, offers optimum insulation.

The silver fur long coat has more of a intriguing personality with concealed side pockets and long hair fur pelts. The body of the long fur coat constitutes of the vertical format making it look incredibly beautiful. The wide baggy sleeves serves as a perfect fit for all, giving more room and comfort for the wearer. A must have collection to your wardrobe, the natural shade of the fur detailed all over the coat is marvelous.

Detailing of the Fox Fur Long Coat Womens –
  • Made from authentic full skin silver fox fur
  • The inside of the garment holds top-notch satin lining
  • Side pockets on each side are hand-warming and spacious
  • Luxuriously soft and supple in texture
  • Slim-Cut Design
  • Suitable for social gatherings or parties
  • Ensures value for money
  • The Hood is the attention grabber of the entire outfit
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