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White Mink Fur Trench Coat For Women


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Alen Cooper’s mink fur white coat has an aesthetically pleasing outlook. The overall look of the mink fur long coat for women is very dense. Mink furs are soft and supple in texture. Being the highest-selling fur globally, mink furs have a unique sheen and incredibly long life. This means the white mink fur long coat for women needs minimal care and maintenance. The mink fur coat for women is lightweight with lustrous guard hair and dense fur. It is the diva of all furs. 

Despite its luxurious look, the mink fur white coat is very durable. The white color is the ace to sophistication. The white mink fur coat is a full-length long coat that can be paired with any bottoms. Crafted by highly skilled and professional designers, the fur coat looks fluffy and extremely comfortable. It serves as a perfect fit for all, regardless of the height or figure. 

The snow-white mink fur coat is made from male mink pelts as they have denser fur that looks fuller. Furthermore, it offers enough warmth and insulation regardless of how freezing the temperature is. Not just the body, the alluring aspect of the mink fur coat is the bell sleeves. They are wide and spacious enough to make enough room and warmth for the wearer. 

The full-length sleeves are constructed in parallel box format. Making the sleeves look bigger and denser, the long-length coat has the same characteristics inside. There are camouflaged side pockets to keep your palms warm and comfortable outdoors. The attention-grabbing aspect of the snow-white mink fur coat is the collar section. 

The collar and the lapel of the long coat are fabricated with authentic Arctic fox fur pelts. The pelts used at the frontline section are more like a thick blanket wrapped around you. The thick fox fur detailing has a high insulation index. The dreamlike long coat has a beautiful large collar and bell sleeves that radiate unparalleled style and sophistication. Ensuring value for money, the long coat has a straight A-line pattern dictating aesthetically pleasing appeal. 

Detailing of the product – 

Made from authentic mink furs

Concealed side pockets 

Offers enough warmth and insulation

Larger collar and beautiful bell sleeves

Bell sleeves are wide and in a paragraph format

Available in a variety of sizes

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