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Fox Fur Coat In Comfort Fit Style Made From Finland Fox Fur Full Skin


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Fashion lovers always look for new styles, designs, and out-of-the-box items. However, choosing stylish dresses does not overrule the concept of comfortable wear. Combining both style and comfort in one frame for winter wear, genuine fur coats, jackets, and other items, Alen Cooper has a wide range of collections. However, this Full Skin Fox Fur Coat in Comfort Fit Style is a unique one.

Fur coats have been a part of fashion for centuries. They are luxurious and expensive but offer protection against the cold. This Full Skin Fox Fur Coat in Comfort Fit Style is a new-age stylish coat that is luxurious and fashionable. The material used for this fur coat is Genuine Blue Fox fur pelts from Finland. The full skin pelts are super soft and supple in texture. This is a comfortable fit or loose fit coat. The lightweight fur pelts make them easy to carry for a longer duration with comfort.

Some people prefer full-sleeve coats to ensure comfort and warmth during the winter months. Women’s winter wear should have a comfortable fit to ensure maximum movement while still keeping them warm. This full-sleeve coat is stylish and elegant at the same time.

The hip-length coat has an inner silk-satin lining that gives super comfort. The side slit pockets offer enough space to keep the hands warm. These pockets also serve as a small storage space for small items. The greyish tone with white shades all over the coat gives it a unique look, unparalleled with any other winter wear.

The seamless finish and the baggy-fit or comfortable fit style ensure free mobility during any activity. The hook closure in a concealed manner is an added feature to level up the outfit.


  • Genuine fox fur from Finland
  • Full sleeve
  • Comfortable and stylish
  • Inner silk-satin lining
  • Concealed Hook closure
  • Side slit pockets
  • Seamless finish
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