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Shearling Jacket

8 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Real Shearling Coat This Winter

Real Shearling Jacket

Shearling jackets and coats have been regarded as wintertime warm apparel since the prehistoric age. They are not different than regular sheepskin, which has been used since the Stone Age. It used to be the only piece of animal wool covering that seemed to be sufficient on its own at the time. The initial wool pelts were the sole hope for protection against the bitter cold. Our world has advanced with time, and so have our daily lifestyle patterns. The modern period has brought many new developments, the bulk of which are based on a changed and refined structure of an already existing object. As mentioned, one of the many items is a Real Shearling Jacket.

What is a Real Sheepskin Jacket?

Shearling and Sheepskin are often used as interchangeable terms, but they are different in terms of source. A brief on shearling jackets with great information for new learners is illustrated herewith. Also, why it is so highly recommended to be purchased is discussed so that one may quickly establish his/her priorities among all the winter wears this time of year when winter arrives.

The name Real Shearling coats refer to the outer wear which has been crafted from clipped-off wool pelts from young lambs. On the other hand, Sheepskin Jackets are the ones that incorporate wool pelts resourced from grown-up sheep.  

The natural wool pelts as stated above provide an extraordinary level of warmth, just as they did when they were attached to their original host. As a result, it can also be argued that they are self-sufficient in very cold weather because even lambs and sheep from extremely cold places can adjust to it without much difficulty.

However, on an opposing end, there are the newly introduced similar look-alikes of Shearling wool which are not made out of real wool pelts. They go through a crucial and rigorous tanning process to attain the exact replica of an original wool pelt.  They are usually available at a very low price and definitely, there are very less effective. Known as faux shearling jackets or Sherpa jackets, they are made of synthetics alike polyester(fleece), acrylics, or cotton and attain a bulky texture similar to that of real wool.  

Few insights are shared regarding the value of Real Leather Shearling Jackets or sheepskin coats. 

Benefits of Real Shearling Coat

There are numerous advantages to selecting a genuine sheepskin jacket versus man-made fabrics. Hence, we highlight a few factors in reading from which its significance can be deduced.

  1. Source of Warmth

One of the key reasons that Real Shearling Coats are at the apex is their warmth. They are regarded as one of the warmest clothing, assuring the wearer of maximum warmth retention. Furthermore, Merino Shearling wool is one of those categories that, once again, provide the warmest of the warm feeling in all shearling or sheepskin categories. Their naturally dense texture is the only factor that serves as good insulation. Depending on the type, they are fairly thick and sometimes curly. All of these qualities work together to give the warmest sensation possible.

The wool on the animals is a blessing that allows them to survive the harshest of weather and temperatures. For humans to attain the same level of warmth, layers of artificial materials need to be worn to survive. Hence, the use of just one layer of real wool provides incomparable warmth without having to bank on a bulkier outfit.

  1. Comfort

The original wool pelts offer a luxurious feel to them. They do not feel bulkier and heavier, like nature intended for lambs and sheep.  Sometimes, the wool is trimmed and designed to form a smooth texture which is even softer and accounts for an opulent touch. As such, the shearling winter wears have very less weight-to- warmth ratio, and also acquires a highly versatile nature. Alen Cooper’s advanced designing technique of shearling jackets makes them even lighter and more comfortable, which imparts an unmatched coziness both indoors and outside. They make good outerwear to be worn throughout the entire day.  

  1. Safe Option 

One of the key concerns that highlight the skin difficulties associated with synthetic furs is expressed here. The actual wool continues to deliver a silky feel while also eliminating the possibility of skin allergies. Hence, Real Shearling Coats can be used to stay warm and comfy in the winter. When properly tanned and polished, it becomes more acceptable for all skin types. Recent research has discovered that synthetic fibers raise the risk of cancer, respiratory problems, and infertility. As a result, the safest option for winter outerwear is genuine wool.

It is important to remember that it is highly breathable. Despite its cushiony texture that provides warmth, it enables breathability while keeping the wearer’s body comfortable and snug in frigid weather conditions.

  1. Fashionable Option

The grand sheepskin and shearling coats form one of the most fashionable wintertime clothing. Alen Cooper designs its premium shearling wears in a variety of designs, ranging from waist-length to mid-length to long style. Also, there are sub-classes like coats, jackets, bombers, aviators, etc. The integrated design of shearling wool pelts with various types of fur trim borders gives off a magnificent appeal. The outerwear with a detachable hooded option forms an exquisite collection.

However, shearling jackets can also make elite semi-formal or formal attires as well as get paired for a classic casual appearance.  A Shearling coat’s uniqueness is stemmed from the array of different types of special finishes like Nappa, Nappa-crackled, silky-crackled and suede finishing.  Proper belts and straps along with fur trim detailing uphold its majestic embellishment.  Thus, Shearling winter wears form one such clothing category which can be utilized for all possible occasions one can have. 

  1. Timeless Elegance 

Fashion trends are inconsistent and might shift from year to year. Buying on coats every year can be exorbitant and just adds the wardrobe size.   However, a statement can be made by a smart pick on Shearling Jacket selection. Alen Cooper’s superior inventive design contributes to the timeless fashion. Alen Cooper’s superior inventive design contributes to the timeless fashion. Each of its jackets is developed with a distinct particular quality and appeal, resulting in an outstanding touch.

The allure of genuine sheepskin is that it never goes out of fashion. The classic beauty of real wool trim and pelts has a stronger hold on the fashion fantasy. Also it holds up its original functionality and continuous to provide eternal warmth even after years of uses.  

  1. Eco friendly 

One of the most compelling reasons to choose a real shearling jacket is its eco-friendliness. Animals are a renewable resource that will never deplete if proper precautions are taken to protect the species. Animal fur is known to be an example of sustainable usage of a renewable resource. Hence a real sheepskin wool is renewable since it is made up of biodegradable materials that decay slowly and without affecting the environment.

As an additional knowledge, The tanning and finishing process of genuine shearling wears are considered to maintain a healthy environment. The factory house emits few amounts of greenhouse gases as that compared to the process of Sherpa jackets.

  1. Durability

In general, shearling jackets are the most durable ones, owing to their genuineness of wool and hide. Due to their resilience and long-lasting qualities, fur coats can be recycled and restyled. They can be passed down to generations. Furthermore, Alen Cooper’s special computer-aided and laser manufacturing process enhances a normal sheepskin’s durability. Stalwart seam stitches are tailored across the body parts to ensure longevity even after crude uses. As a result, there is no shedding of wool strands.

  1. Water resistant

Sheepskin is inherently resistant to water. Its wool fibers have strong, water-repellent layers that keep moisture at bay. Sheepskin coats only need to be softly shaken and smoothed with a soft brush after being exposed to rain or snow. Furthermore, a superior tanning and finishing procedure improves the hide’s water resistance.

Inclusion Real Shearling Jackets are well-known winter garments that are both fashionable and functional. Its elegance is proven by its availability in a wide range of styles and utility. They target the most versatile wear sectors. They are a group of outer wears meant to be appropriate in a variety of weather conditions. The natural sheepskin wool’s quality gives the coats their popularity. Aside, a variety of distinct benefits can be realized as a result, earning it the reputation of being a one-time investment. They have the ability to retain their original shape and structure with minimal care. Even after scores and runs of crude uses, their aesthetic appeal remains unaffected.

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