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Women’s Plush Coffee Biker Leather Jacket Decked with Black Fox Fur Collar


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Coffee fur is a popular item in the fashion world and is renowned for its exceptional warmth and comfort. Also known as Coffee fox fur or polar fox fur, the item is sourced from the Arctic regions and hence is ideal for extremely freezing climatic conditions.

The combination of authentic Coffee fox fur, imported variety 100% Italian-finish leather and precise perfection of Italian craftsmanship is bound to spell magic and this range of exotic Women’s Biker Jacket with Coffee Fur collar in coffee hue is no exception! Designing of the product line involves lot of creative ideas and innovation. As a result, the item radiates unparalleled grace and sophistication to belong to a completely different range altogether.

The item is thoroughly crafted by hands. A group of highly skilled and competent craftsmen based along the Mediterranean coast of Italy has shouldered the cutting and stitching responsibilities. Towering effort, precision, patience, care and diligence that they worked with reflect in the absolutely flawless finishing of the leather Moto jackets. The plush black fox fur plates make the item unbelievably chic and classy to make women appear smarter, younger and more sensual as well as tasteful. However as a word of caution, the biker jacket may prove too hot to handle if one’s not bold enough to dump stereotypes in fashion.

Ideally the item range is designed to help you steal the limelight every time, everywhere. The extremely stylish jacket invariably summons everyone’s attention on you to make you the centre of attention in any crowd. It is your best bet to stand out elegantly in any crowd.

The jacket has a lot of fresh designing elements to claim its place as a unique item in the category of women’s biker jackets. It has front design snap buttons, chrome-finished zippers and 2-sided zippered sleeves to name a few. Moreover its pipe-cut design invariably underlines the luscious feminine curves of your body in a tasteful and polished way.

To ensure greater value for your money top-of-the-line aniline leather finishing is used. Unlike other varieties of the product this jacket guarantees perfect fit for everyone without considering your figure or height. The item is readily available in a wide variation of size. It radiates a unique stylishness and a powerful magnetic charm to refurbish both your appearance and aura.

The product line correctly highlights your delicate taste and elegant choice in fashion. If you want to appear smarter, trendier, sexier, younger and more charming there’s no need to look beyond it. By virtue of its innovative designing you can easily and effortlessly replace the jacket with a proper dress. Moreover, it is the perfect item to attend different types of social gatherings or events in.

Alen Cooper is left with only a limited stock of the item. Orders are flowing in from all sides. Hurry up and place your order now before the last item gets sold out!

  • Imported variety 100% Italian-finish leather
  • Original plates of black fox fur
  • State-of-the-art Italian craftsmanship
  • Undeniably top-of-the-line product
  • High-quality leather thickness ranging between 0.8 to 0.9 mm
  • High-quality chrome finished zippers
  • Superior Aniline finishing to add value
  • The fur lining makes the item unbeatably sophisticated and gorgeous
  • The item range is thoroughly cut and stitched manually
  • Ideal for harsh chilly climates
  • A team of highly skilled Italian designers based across the Mediterranean coastline shouldered the entire crafting responsibility
  • Front design snap buttons
  • Exceptionally warm and comfortable
  • Stylish zipper side pockets
  • Perfect fit guaranteed for everyone without considering height or figure
  • The item readily comes in a wide variation of sizes
  • Pipe cut design helps you look more sensual and attractive
  • 2 sided zippered sleeves
  • Allows you replace a proper dress easily and effortlessly
  • Absolutely flawless finishing
  • Suitable for different types of social gatherings and events
  • Value for money guaranteed
  • Innovatively designed with care and perfection to make you look prettier as well as transform your personality magically
  • Ideally highlights your delicate taste and rich choice in fashion
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