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Womens Fox Fur Bomber Jacket for Maximum Style and Warmth


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The collection of winter outfits certainly remains incomplete without adding this super-stylish womens fox fur bomber jacket. It’s handcrafted to instantly elevate one’s appearance. At the same time, it keeps one warm in the biting cold temperature with long guard hair and dense undercoat of fox fur.

Womens Bomber of Fox Fur – Stunning looks with Practical Features

The artistic arrangement of pelts from Silver fox and Red fox gives this jacket its trendsetting looks. To emphasize, wide bands of fur are aesthetically spread along the sleeves in helical fashion. The alternate arrangement of the pelts in this manner certainly makes the sleeves look fuller and attractive. Alongside beautifying the sleeves, the furry bands keep the hands warm in winter.

Plush pelts of Silver fox and Red fox also stylize the front and back sides of this trendy outfit. To give this jacket its unique aesthetic appeal, designers have artistically arranged the pelts all over the body. At the same time, one can enjoy the warmth of fox fur all around the body owing to this designing style.

Womens Fox Fur Bomber Jacket with Adorable Qualities

The metal zipper with a stylish pull in diamond shape certainly adds to this jacket’s charm. Its quality remains intact for years because of chrome finish. The long sleeves cover the entire hand including the palms. Owing to the elasticated cuffs, it keeps the hands warm even on windy days. The hemline of this outfit is also elasticated which ensures proper fit around the waist.

The turtleneck collar of fox fur offers all-round protection to the neck in winter. Using the zipper, one can close the jacket up to the collar. It keeps the neck warm and comfy with long fluffy fox fur. This outfit is designed with side pockets for essentials. They’re equally useful for keeping the palms warm.

Key Components

  • Modish bomber jacket with artistic arrangement of finest quality pelts from Silver fox and Red fox
  • Turtleneck collar of fox fur feels cozy and keeps the neck warm
  • Velvety satin lining for a pleasant feel
  • Metal zipper with chrome finish and a diamond shape pull
  • Elasticated cuffs and hemline for better fit and more protection from cold
  • Spacious side pockets for essentials
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