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Womens fluffy headband in White



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Unveil the most magnificent appearance by putting on the gorgeous Womens Fluffy headband. Its cutting-edge design showcases its uniqueness, allowing it to hit the top fashion segment. The little add-on is the most simplistic thing, which is often not known to many and remains unnoticed. But its pair-up with ordinary apparel significantly elevates the entire look. Thus, enhance your winter ensemble with Alen Cooper to become known among the style icons.

The premium headband reveals its charm through its attractive pearl white homogeneous shade. Being hued with one of the most grandiose ones gives off a strong impression that can rarely go overlooked. Its awesome combination with any colored dress single-toned or multi-toned is a certain pledge to remain highlighted. The classic gear captivates the additional benefit of complimenting long shiny hair and preventing frizz.

Besides fashion, prime comfort is in perfect harmony. The wooly headband is meticulously crafted, resulting in a silky feel. The original voluminous aspect of natural Arctic Fox fur retains its immaculate charm. The high-quality pelts offer a beautifully smooth and supple feel. As a result, it shapes to be a comfortable accessory for extended wear time. The internal lining of silky polar fleece is the ultimate addition to comfort.  In line with this, both the head and the ears are certain to remain warm.

Supplementary brief-ups include its elastic-fit feature for effortless wear and its overall extended durability. Owing to the presence of a stretchy strap, the regalia can be placed across the head in a variety of positions. Premium grade and smart tailoring ensure its durability.

All in all, the Womens Fluffy Headband forms a distinctive apex. It is worth noting that its exact fit is suitable for everyone. Rest, lesser upkeep, and remaining in its original allure are ensured by the optimized crafting. 

Physical Features:

  • Single toned white Headband
  • Natural Arctic fox fur
  • Internal polar fleece lining
  • Elastic strap for proper fit

Instructions for use:

  • Hair dryer – blow for acquiring the fluffy shape; on receipt of item
  • To be subtly hand washed to retain its original shape
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