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Tri-Fold Genuine Leather Wallet For Maximum Convenience

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This tri-fold genuine leather wallet is certainly a useful and luxurious accessory for men. On one hand, it has maximum space for personal items. There are two stacks of slots for cards along with a zippered pocket and a large slot for bills. Therefore, one can safely carry numerous essentials as per their requirement. Additionally, its deluxe features attest to superior quality and refined craftsmanship.

This tri-fold leather wallet has three different compartments along with eight slots for the cards. The left-hand side as well as the middle fold is designed with eight slots of varying sizes. They can house different types of cards based upon their varying lengths. Each slot is handcrafted using milled cowhide.

The right-hand side compartment of this wallet is designed with a metal zipper. Owing to the zip-up closure, one’s personal items receive more protection. Therefore, this compartment can be used to carry valuable objects. Furthermore, the metal zipper has chrome finish which guarantees longevity.

The woven polyester lining is another key feature of this leather wallet. On one hand, it protects the sensitive data on users’ cards. On the other hand, it feels smooth to the touch which offers a pleasant feel to the users. The upper and lower borders of this wallet along with the edges are accentuated by single-line stitching. Furthermore, each compartment is separately stitched in this manner along the four borders.

The manual stitching certainly increases the durability of this luxury wallet. It has two separate compartments for bills and other essentials. These pockets are useful for carrying receipts or bills without folding.

Prominent Features

  • Luxury wallet of genuine leather represents a perfect fusion of great looks and practical features
  • Exterior surface has a smooth texture
  • Softness and flexibility of milled cowhide prevents any damage resulting from repeated use
  • Eight internal slots to hold the cards of different sizes
  • One zippered compartment for additional safety to one’s essentials
  • Two non-segmented compartments to carry the bills without folding
  • Single-line stitching along the exterior as well as the interior borders for durability
  • Designed to last for years with no change in quality or appearance
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