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Mens Bi-Fold Genuine Leather Wallet – Perfect Fusion of Elegance & Practicality

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Luxuriousness of this mens bi-fold genuine leather wallet can be witnessed through its classy looks and premium features. The milled cowhide gives a smooth texture to this wallet and ensures lasting performance. The aniline finish results in even coloration and the leather flaunts its natural charm.

The inside of this leather wallet is designed skillfully to include multiple compartments without causing an unsightly bulge. After opening it, one will find a column of three card-slots arranged in tiered pattern. The upper border of the first slot has a slit in the middle. This is certainly a beautifying feature. At the same time, users find it more convenient to insert the card because of this artistic notch.

The first column of card-slot remains closed via a leather strap. Its backside is ingeniously designed to hold ID cards, debit cards etc. This transparent window enables one to use a card or verify the identity without having to take it out. Furthermore, one will find a second column of card-slots after opening the top flap.

The right side of this wallet has a covered pocket with a diagonally cut flap to safely carry the coins and other small essentials. A zippered chamber is another noteworthy feature. It offers more security to one’s valuables.

The long non-segmented pocket of this genuine leather wallet is ideal for carrying receipts or bills without folding. This wallet doesn’t just offer convenience. It’s a fashionable accessory for men. Its exterior borders feature the single-line stitching of black thread. Each interior segment is bordered by the white thread in a single stitching line. Without a doubt, this wallet is designed to last for years.

Prominent Features

  • Handcrafted luxury wallet of milled cowhide with aniline finish becomes a chic accessory for men
  • Six adeptly designed slots for cards in two different columns
  • One transparent window for important cards
  • One zippered compartment for added security to one’s valuables
  • One covered pocket with diagonally cut flap to safely carry one’s essentials
  • One long compartment to carry the bills, receipts etc.
  • Polyester lining offers a pleasant feel and keeps the sensitive information safe
  • Single stitch line using black thread increases the durability of exterior borders
  • Every interior compartment is separately stitched using a white thread for enhanced durability
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