Short Soft Ladies Warm Plain Cropped Fox Fur Warms You on Cold Windy Days


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Cropped-style short jackets are in high demand among women. They prefer to dress up stylishly without compromising warmth. A cropped fur jacket meets these criteria. Alen Cooper has introduced the Trendy Short Soft Ladies Warm Plain Cropped Fox Fur Winter Real Fur Jacket, which maintains the style statement along with providing necessary warmth and comfort for the winter.

This pure fox fur jacket in a cropped style extends much above the waist. This smokey fox fur jacket acts as a comfortable warmer for the winter. The jacket is extremely soft and lightweight for fox fur. Thus, it is easy to carry out. It is full-sleeved with a unique design. The sleeves or the arms of the jacket have horizontal puff panels. This design is unique and gives a luxurious look. Also, the sleeve portions near the shoulder are narrower than at the cuffs. The front and back portion of the body of this jacket has a puff in a vertical cut panel orientation.

The jacket is not a perfect fit but is worn as slightly oversized. The zipper of premium quality metal acts as the front closure. The fluffy fur jacket is super soft to the touch. The outfit matches any dress like trousers or jeans and a top or over a bodycon. The collar in this winter wear is lapel style but not the notch lapel. The collar is a wide shawl lapel that extends up to the front edge of the outfit. The light beige shade with light greyish and off-white tinge throughout the jacket gives a smart look.


  • Real fox fur jacket
  • Above waist-length
  • Cropped style
  • Full sleeved
  • Sleeves with horizontal puff panels
  • Sleeves are wider at the cuffs and narrower at the shoulders
  • High-quality metallic zipper as front closure
  • A fluffy attire that is worn slightly oversized
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