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Sheepskin Mouton Varsity Jacket for Men with Regular Collar



  • Wool – Authentic Sheepskin Mouton
  • Internal Lining – Premium Satin
  • Zip-up Front Closure
  • Regular Turn-down Collar
  • Slash pockets
  • Elasticized Hemline, Cuffs
  • Waist-length Bomber
  • Temperature – 25°F
  • Wind Resistant
  • Application – Casual, Semi-Formal, Regular, Occasional

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Make an unrivaled statement with the furred varsity this winter! Choose to look unique while getting dressed in the most simple styles! Take on the option of ultra-protective winter wear while getting to dress effortlessly quickly!  Well, to orient with the perks, go for the Sheepskin Mouton Varsity Jacket, a specially designed winter wear for men holding an ascetic splendor.

Prime Traits of the Sheepskin Mouton Varsity Jacket

Owing to the original pelts of sheepskin, the mouton style accounts for tremendous warmth preservation. Finely trimmed dense wool certainly reflects uniformity in texture, the sight of which itself leaves an utmost posh impression. Further, the internal lining of complete top-notch satin enormously contributes to luxury. Because of this, one can comfortably wear this luxurious winter wear for any length of time.

Basic Details of the Varsity Jacket in Sheepskin Mouton

To emphasize, the outerwear is tailored with neat features with the concept of it being versatile in all events and themes. Therefore, minimalist and simplistic features not only lend the aforesaid but also offer a compact weight experience. 

Thus, to comply with the above, the outerwear carries an easy zip-up front closure. Chromium zipper ensures smooth operation and longevity . Slash pockets on the sides are at the perfect place, the type being a quicker option for padding the chilly hands.  It is spacious for lending a supplemental storage set. Additionally, the furry turn-down collar is soft and renders extra plush.  

Style and Comfort

Overall, the Sheepskin Mouton Varsity Jacket is tailored to exude a classic appearance vide its slightly loose fit structure. Without a doubt, it maintains insulation and promotes flexible mobility. The long sleeves with flexible fitting ensure restriction-free movement of the hands. Lastly, its vibrant solid violet shade throughout marks incredible grandiosity, the appearance being pristinely perfect for festive attires apart from casual picks.    

Features of the Sheepskin Mouton Varsity Jacket

  • Waist-length men’s varsity bomber
  • Elasticized contrasting shaded hemline and wrist
  • Regular Turn-down Collar
  • Authentic Sheepskin Mouton with internal silky satin lining
  • Zip-up front 
  • Slash Pockets on front
  • Compact weight 
  • Flexible fit allowing unbounded mobility



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