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Sheepskin Bomber Jacket for Women


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The b3 bomber-style shearling jacket for women has an impeccable stylish outlook. The Nappa finish winter wear is luxuriously soft and supple in texture. Radiating aesthetically pleasing appeal and stylish outlook, the Sheepskin Bomber Jacket offers sufficient warmth and insulation. This works even in extreme low weather conditions. The Nappa finish jacket has a dual-tone color that further embellishes the full look of the outerwear.

The chest area and the arm line patches are decorated with denim blue color. It is further highlighted by the pair of stylish collar belts and also side belts around the waistline, on each side. Even the zipper line at the center has a border with denim blue detailing. There are spacious, hand-warming side pockets, just below the chest area. It helps in keeping your palms warm and comfortable even in extreme low weather conditions.

The inner woolen layer of the jacket is flipped and exposed to define some areas of the dual-tone jacket. The shearling outerwear is highlighted around the collar, arm lines, cuffs at the wrist as well as waistline. There are light blue fur trims that highlight the section above the cuffs, the should-arms joint as well as the backside of the winter wear range. Even the outer edge of the side pocket is highlighted with light blue fur trims.

The jacket offers you proper insulation with the high-quality zippered chain at the center. The impeccable feature of the jacket is the dual-tone finish with light blue fur detailing. The Sheepskin Bomber Jacket guarantees a perfect fit for all, regardless of the height or figure. It also features a variety of sizes. You can wear it to different types of social gatherings or events.

Detailing of the product –

Made from authentic pelts of shearling

The inner woolen layer of the fabric is flipped and exposed to the collar, cuffs, backside, and waistline

The light blue fur trims are above the cuff, outer pockets, and arm lines

Guarantees a perfect fit for all

Comes in a variety of sizes

Can be worn to different social parties or events

Dual-tone color in Nappa finish – Light blue and Denim blue

Side belts at the waistline on each side

A pair of inbuilt collar belt

Ensures value for money

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