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Tan Shearling Vest for Men



  • Finishing – Vintage Suede
  • Wool – Authentic Shearling Pelts
  • Embellishment – Wool trim, Leather Trim
  • Modified Hemline, Shoulder Border
  • Zip-up Front Closure
  • Turn-down Belted Collar
  • Kangaroo Pocket
  • Waist-length Vest
  • Temperature – 25°F
  • Wind Resistant
  • Water Repellant
  • Application – Casual, Semi-Formal

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ESTIMATED DELIVERY: 2 to 3 weeks from the day of receipt of Order. mens parka final size 2022

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The distressed Shearling Vest for Men has a vintage vibe. It has a sophisticated charm in itself. Having a separate class of its own, this outerwear is lightweight and easy to carry. Owing to it being soft and supple in texture. Besides, the implementation of authentic leather trims runs all over the jacket. And so, they highlight the frontline and back accents.

Features of Men Shearling Vest

The Tan shaded winter wear reflects a suede finish. However, it offers sufficient warmth and comfort in lower temperature conditions. Further, the sleeveless jacket is made out of genuine pelts of shearling. Also, the inner woolen layer of the fabric is flipped and exposed which further gives way to a more sophisticated vibe. For instance, the collar, wrist border, and hemline. 

Potentials of Sleeveless Jacket Vest of Shearling for Men

The design of the jacket makes it look warmer and more comfortable. Hence, you can wear it in a form of a proper dress. Moreover, radiating powerful color contrast, the entire outlook of the sheepskin vest brings in a different persona. Besides, right from cutting to stitching, designers have taken full responsibility to showcase the flawless finish. Reflecting perfection, the inventively ornate vest ensures value for money.

Applications of the Men Vest in Shearling

The Shearling Vest for Men strikes a perfect balance between functionality and aesthetic appeal. Hence, it is worth mentioning that it is appropriate for different social events and gatherings. Its spacious hand-warming side pockets keep your palms warm and comfortable even in cold conditions.

Further, there are additional two inbuilt leather belts along the collar area. Henceforth, serving a perfect fit for all, the sheepskin vest men in tan is available in different sizes.

Detailing of the product –

  • The product line uses authentic pelts of shearling 
  • High-quality pelts make the jacket exceptionally lightweight
  • Soft and supple in texture
  • The jacket has trims of pure leather running along the frontline
  • Wool trim along hemline and shoulder border
  • The chic jacket has a striking collar
  • There are two inbuilt leather belts along the collar line
  • There are two large, spacious hand-warming side pockets
  • Appropriate for social events and gatherings
  • Needs minimal care and maintenance



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