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Shearling Length Coat with Silver Fox Fur Collar & Cuffs in Perfect Black


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Winter is the season of colors and cozy attires. This winter, all you need to satisfy your fashion-loving soul without sacrificing adequate warmth and comfort is a pure sheepskin body with a fur collar. Shearling Length Coat with Silver Fox Fur Collar and Cuffs in Black is one of the items that Alen Cooper introduces.

This coat has an attractive black. High-quality raccoon fur makes up the collar. This coat is a rare addition to any wardrobe because it is an authentic sheepskin shearling coat with undeniably premium quality in black combined with its comfort and design. This marks its luxurious price.

Sheepskin pelts with a suede finish cover the coat’s outer surface. The original sheepskin with a suede finish is comfortable, warm, and has a soft texture. This coat has an uneven hemline along the front edge and a straight cut on the back. The sheepskin’s woolen side, which is trimmed to create a dense and furry texture, makes up the inner surface.

Full sleeves protect hands from cold winds. Here the sleeves have the same finish as the body that makes up this coat. The cuffs of the sleeves, on the other hand, are covered in fox fur. The fur is Silver fox fur that is in contrast to the black body.

Wide and fluffy sleeves and a collar increase the comfort of the wearer. This coat has two side pockets with slits for palm warming. A distinctive format design is produced by the vertical seam lines on the back and sleeves. Because of its color, texture, and stylish appearance, the coat exudes elegance and class. This asymmetrical coat is a perfect combo of fashion, coziness, and useful functionality.


• Original sheepskin shearling;
• Asymmetrical front cut;
• Vertical seam lines at the back;
• Full sleeves;
• Silver fox fur at the collar and cuffs;
• The suede finish on the outside;
• Fur trim on the inside;
• Two slit side pockets;

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