This luxuriant red fox fur womens coat is certainly epitome of aristocracy. It can instantly elevate the looks of any woman owing to the natural shades of Red fox fur as well as its tiered arrangement. At the same time, the premium quality fox fur offers absolute warmth and comfort to the wearer. With a thick furry collar and lovely frontline, this outfit certainly has been made for the winter.

Exclusive Qualities of Womens Red Fox Fur Coat

Smooth texture of this deluxe coat is the result of advance processing technique. It also attests to this product’s quality. With stunning aesthetic features, the appeal of this outfit is undeniably going to last through generations. Its quality will remain intact for years with minimum care and maintenance.

Designers have handcrafted this coat with balanced utilitarian and aesthetic features. The stylish collar of fox fur doesn’t just prettify this outfit. It covers the entire neck and keeps it warm and comfortable in winter. The furry frontline is another modish as well as utilitarian feature of this outfit. It undeniably glamorizes the outfit. In addition to that it offers further insulation from the cold.

Womens Coat of Red Fox Fur – High-Fashion Outfit with Convenient Features

To carry personal items, this coat is designed with slit pockets on each side. One may even use them to keep the palms warm when outside. This outfit flawlessly pairs with a wide variety of women’s bottom-wear.

One may wear it over a pair of tights to exercise or jog in style. It can make a woman look like a showstopper when worn over a gorgeous skirt or dress. It also looks impressive when paired with leather pants. To look stunning casually, one may pair this coat with jeans or any other type of women’s trousers.

Key Components

  • Magnificent coat of Red fox fur beautified by tiered pattern of pelts
  • Satin lining feels extremely soft
  • Stylish collar of fox fur keeps the neck comfortable
  • Furry frontline prettifies the outfit and offers more warmth
  • Hook-and-eye front closure
  • Slit pockets on each side