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Real Shearling Coat for Women



  • Finishing – Complete Nappa
  • Wool – Authentic Shearling Pelts
  • Embellishment – Arctic Fox Fur
  • Zippered Front Closure and Pockets
  • Modified Frontline, Hemline, Cuffs and Shoulder.
  • Shawl Collar
  • Belted Waist
  • Waist-length
  • Zip-out Hood
  • Temperature – 25°F
  • Wind Resistant
  • Water Repellent
  • Applications – Casual, Festive

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ESTIMATED DELIVERY: 2 to 3 weeks from the day of receipt of Order. 

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Quality shearlings are always sourced from young lambs. Being that the wool is sourced from real lambskin, so there can nothing go wrong with this black Real Shearling Coat women. Additionally, you can pair it with any bottoms. Regardless of the occasion, you can wear the jacket even in extremely low winter conditions. This is a must-have Nappa Finish Black Shearling for your wardrobe.

About the Women Coat in Real Shearling

It is soft and supple in texture. Hence, the jacket offers sufficient warmth and insulation keeping you comfortable in hard winter conditions. Though it looks pretty on the heavier side, it is easy to carry. Besides, it features a waist-length aspect. Markedly having an elegant and stylish outlook, the outerwear has a fluffy hood with wide lapels. All of them highlight original fox fur pelts.

The black fox fur pelts have long, guard hair to protect you against strong winds. Also, it looks so appealing on the Nappa finish black Women Coat in Real Shearling.

Attractions of Hallmark

To begin with, the long-sleeved outfit has got cuffs and arm lines which are too ornated with original fox fur trims. However, the inner woolen layer of the shearling is exposed to the exterior. This includes the shoulder patch, the frontline, and the bottom edge of the jacket. In addition, a waist leather belt with a buckle enhances the entire outlook of winter wear.

Further, the sheepskin layer along with the original fox fur detailing makes a perfect and flawless finish resulting in a perfect it. The Women Real Shearling Coat with fox fur hood, lapels, and cuffs for women is an outstanding piece of elegance.

Fashion Aspect of the Real Shearling Women Coat

The plush winter wear has a separate class of its own. Leaving no stone unturned, the shearling coat infused with original fox fur makes the attire look extraordinary and unparalleled. Equally important, the highlights on the jacket especially the Nappa finish redefine fashion trends for women.

Crafted by hand, the Women Real Shearling Coat has a zippered chain in the middle. There are side pockets that are spacious and hand-warming, keeping your palms warm and comfortable even in extremely low winter conditions. On the whole, the entire detailing with original fox fur pelts, shearling wool trims, and other highlights over the Nappa jacket looks impeccable.

All in all, the innovative design adds a unique charm to the dress making it more sophisticated and stylish.

Ending Clause

Having an aesthetic appeal and practical functionality, the Real Shearling Coat Women ensures a perfect fit for all. It comes in a variety of sizes. Radiating unparalleled style and sophistication, the jacket has a separate class of its own.

Detailing of the Real Shearling Women Coat

  • Authentic pelts of shearling details the jacket line
  • The black lambskin jacket has a Nappa finish
  • The plush, stylish jacket is an innovative combination of shearling or lambskin and original fox fur
  • The hood casts the plush original black fox fur
  • Fox fur cuffs also décor the shoulders and the wrists of the lambskin jacket
  • The in-built belt at the waistline makes the fashionable lambskin winter wear look smarter
  • The inner woolen layer of the shearling highlights the waistline and the white patch running vertically along the length of the jacket
  • There are spacious hand-warming side pockets
  • Available in a wide variation of size




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