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Rabbit Fur Bomber Jacket with Adjustable Wrist and Hem



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Furry clothes grab the attention while making an elegant statement. Additionally, the fuzzy attire marks a tribute to being identified as the armor for the gloomy winter season. So, steal the chance to transform the harsh winter into the cozily calming season of spring by sporting the thin fur outerwear designed by Alen Cooper. To boost the style statement for winter, the luxury brand introduces the high-end Rex Rabbit fur Bomber Jacket for Men in keeping with this.

Potential Ability 

The bomber rabbit fur jacket noticeably leaves bare elegance, whether it be for a night out, a party, or even the most opulent and breathtaking ice skating. It simply concerns the right pairing of complementary bottoms.  

Additionally, when it comes to seasonal differences, such as cool breezes and icy temperatures, the sophisticated design wears its brilliance flawlessly. To rephrase, it shines in the purpose stretching from the pre-winter to the post-season attributable to its creative features and designs.   

Design Approach of the Rex Rabbit fur Bomber Jacket for Men

To emphasize, the outerwear has a trimmed, homogeneous texture that mimics actual chinchilla fur. Additionally, the dense nature of fur greatly enhances the glitz, and a replicated chinchilla fur’s velvety impression is left. Also, a single-section lining entails the waistline and adds charm. The jacket is markedly warm and fashionable. 

Once more, high-quality processing is the origin of the variety of blends, including stunning black to grey and pearl white in a lovely pattern. But its striking shade is utterly timeless and alluring.  

Detailing and Features

The angled slit pockets at the hip level provide appeal and utility. Further, opulence is produced by a regular turned-down collar. Additionally, a smooth-run zipper serves the front closing. Additionally, the silky lining defined by smooth real Satin also maintains interior snugness. Lastly, the wrist and hemline borders are elasticized, which from the rearmost end keeps a check on insulation capacity.

Features of the Bomber Rabbit Fur Jacket

  • Reflects blends of black, grey, and white in an iconic color scheme 
  • Authentic trimmed rex rabbit fur in a uniform texture
  • A single-section lining along the waistline
  • Elasticized wrist and hemline
  • Slit style stylishly tilted front pockets
  • Zip-up front closure
  • Regular turned-down rabbit fur collar
  • Internal complete satin lining


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