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Navy Leather Jacket for Women



This is a Special/Customized Order. 

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Every biker faces tremendous wind pressure while riding a bike, which becomes intolerable during the winter. This problem created the necessity of creating something that protects against strong winds yet looks classy and elegant. The leather biker jackets meet these requirements. Present generation women are no lesser than men in every aspect of life. So, leather biker jackets are available for women also. Alen Cooper offers a wide range of women’s biker jackets. The Navy Leather Jacket for Women is one of the kinds. The deep navy blue colour is attractive.

This Navy Leather Jacket for Women is an indispensable piece of winter outfit for women bikers and riders. This waist-length leather jacket is stylish and comfortable. This outfit has full sleeves that protect the rider from cold winds. The wrist cuffs have extra leather patches fastened with snap buttons, which creates a unique style.

In this jacket, the high-neck mandarin collar adds an appealing feature. This collar is a zip-out collar with a metallic snap button, used as closure at the neck area. The zipper lock closure of this leather outfit does not close the waistline. The waist area has a broad seam line with two snap buttons. These snap buttons act as the fastener for the waistline.

There are three pockets in this jacket. One is on the right chest, while the other two side pockets are near the waist area. All three pockets are a little slanted. The orientation of the pockets gives a different pattern to the outfit. The three pockets are closed with a zip-lock, concealed with a patchwork style covering. The lower side pockets are for hand-keeping.

The inner lining is a polyester fabric. There are several hemlines all through the jacket that creates a pattern design. Overall, the outfit looks smart, elegant & stylish and is perfect for every occasion.


  • Leather jacket
  • Full sleeve
  • Metallic Zip lock
  • Zip out high neck collar
  • Snap buttons at waistband, collar and cuff patchworks
  • Three pockets with zipper
  • Inner lining with polyester fabric



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