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Multicolor Fox Fur Long Coat for Women Marks the Class of the Owner


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The idea of wearing fur coats has been around for centuries & they have been popular among aristocrats. They were highly expensive & only the rich could afford them. Due to their expensiveness, they were often passed down from one generation to another. Usually, the fox fur coat is a long, full-sleeved coat made from foxes. This Multicolor Fox Fur Long Coat for Women is a stylish collection from Alen Cooper.

A winter coat is a must-have outfit for all women, especially this Multicolor Fox Fur Long Coat for Women. This coat keeps the wearer warm and cosy on those cold winter days. This iconic fox fur winter coat with soft and smooth texture has multiple colours of fox fur together to form a vibrant shade of colours.

This knee-length coat has full sleeves. The sleeves keep the wearer warm and are purely breathable. The inner lining with silk-satin makes this coat soft and smooth to the touch. The hidden hook closure at the front completes the coat by ensuring protection from cold winds.

This type of coat is popular among celebrities and fashionistas. Some of them are even willing to spend thousands of dollars on these luxurious coats so that they can feel comfortable in their skin while showing off their elegant class. The fur coat is a staple in the cold seasons, but it doesn’t have to be boring. So, this fur coat in different colors can make cold days feel warmer and brighter.

The slit pockets at the two sides of the coat are used both as small storage space and for hand-warming. However, these pockets are not visible directly, so they do not interfere with the looks.


  • Fox fur
  • Multicolour
  • Long coat, knee length
  • Full sleeves
  • Comfortable and warm
  • Silk-satin lining
  • Slit pockets for hand warming
  • Fashion statement
  • Soft and smooth texture


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