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Men’s Silver Fox Fur Bomber Jacket Is Appealing and Luxurious



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Silver fox fur is known for its super soft texture and adequate warmth for winter days due to dense fur. For this reason, Silver Fox Fur attires are in high demand and popular in the fashion industry. This fur is expensive and precious for its soft texture, lightweight and highly durable features. Alen Cooper offers Men’s Silver Fox Fur Bomber Jacket, made from premium quality pure Silver Fox Fur.

Fox Fur pelts of premium quality are used for this Men’s Silver Fox Fur Bomber Jacket. The fox fur pelts are from SAGA, Finland. The colour of this jacket is dark to light shades of black, silver and white. The dark and light shades appear as vertical stripes in a parallel pattern. The stripes of silver and white added with a blackish tinge makes the outfit more appealing and luxurious.

The jacket is a waist-length product and has thick, long fox fur hairs. The collar is wide, fold-out and fluffy. On windy days, this waist-length jacket provides adequate comfort required with its velvety and soft texture. In this full-sleeved outfit, the hands get protection from the cold winds. Two side pockets at the waist level are spacious enough to keep the palms shivering in the cold. This winter outfit for men is a loose fit and gives comfortable wear without compromising the necessary warmth.

The front closure of this jacket is with hook fasteners. In this jacket, the hook fasteners are concealed to make them invisible from the outside. This jacket has a fine-quality silk satin lining. The flawless finish of this winter wear is quite ravishing. The long-haired dense fox fur with full sleeves, excellent colour shades, spacious side pockets, and waist-length velvety outfit combine to form this Silver Fox Fur Bomber Jacket for men. Those looking out for something that goes with the latest fashion for the winter months can try this out for sure.


  • Premium quality Silver Fox Fur
  • Bomber jacket
  • Full sleeves
  •  Two spacious side pockets
  • Warm and comfortable
  • Blackish, silver and white shade with a vertical pattern
  • Loose fit
  • Concealed Hook closure



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