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Men Bomber in Fox Fur with Zip-up Front



  • Genuine plates of Arctic fox fur are used in designing the product line
  • Designing of the elegant fur jacket involves towering levels of creativity and innovation
  • The item range is thoroughly crafted by hands
  • As such it is one of the latest examples of fine Italian craftsmanship
  • The jacket radiates unparalleled elegance and style
  • It rightly belongs to a totally different class altogether
  • By virtue of its innovative designing you can easily wear the fur clothing as a proper dress

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Make an unrivaled statement with Alen Cooper’s Men Bomber in Fox Fur. Winter wear excels in the trendy platform owing to its exquisite design concept. Its solo shade in green throughout is incredibly mesmerizing. Also, owing to other graceful detailing aspects, the stylish bomber-wear sets the benchmark in the modern dressing staple as well as festive genres. Thus, grab this elegant wear to bedazzle the surrounding themes and win the spotlight. 

Structural Details

The Fox fur Bomber for Men is a comfortable piece of winter dressing. Its lavishness is added by the overall premium quality of fur and satin. Although, its high-end tailoring offering a baggy appearance, yet turns out to be another layer of comfort. However, this outlook also leaves a classy stance. 

Outer Blue Fox Fur and internal silky satin lining jointly keep up with preserving the warmth. Authentic fox fur as always famed for being a tremendous winter shield maintains the tag in this bomber jacket as well. 

When it comes to allure, it is worth mentioning the unparalleled fur texture. Asymmetrical carved sections of fox fur taken from heads and paws are aligned to radiate an ingenious beauty. This exotic pattern all over the jacket adds to the entice.  

Basic Features of the Fox Fur Men Bomber

To point out, the functioning features take in the collar, front closure, and pockets.  Round neck style broad collar in soft and fluffy fox fur acts as a stylistic trait as well. It adds to elegance while being equally beneficial for warding off the cold.  Next, a centrally aligned zip-up closure renders ease in dressing while keeping a neat appearance. Pockets at the hip level offer a hassle-free skate-in and out being in slit style.

Lastly, elastic-fitting hemline and wrist promote ease in bends and mobility alongside holding the bomber outerwear in place. 

Physical Features of the Fox Fur Men Bomber

  • Waist-length fox fur bomber jacket in a single-tone green shade
  • Blue Fox Fur fluffy collar
  • The internal lining of silky satin
  • Zippered front closure
  • Slit-style front pockets placed at the sides
  • Elasticized wrist and hemline
  • Overall flexible fit for hassle-free movement
  • Compact weight


  • Fur – Authentic Blue Fox from Heads and Paws
  • Internal Lining – Premium Satin
  • Fur Texture – Sections of Wavy and Carved 
  • Zip-up Front Closure
  • Round-Neck Collar
  • Slit pockets
  • Elasticized Hemline, Cuffs
  • Waist-length Bomber
  • Temperature – 25°F
  • Wind Resistant
  • Application – Casual, Festive
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