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Long Merino Lamb Fur Leather Coat with Luxurious Features and Feel



  • Authentic fox fur plates used in the collar
  • Premium quality shearling pelts sourced from abroad
  • Easily long-lasting
  • Lightweight, soft and very easy to carry
  • Classic long-cut design
  • Spacious hand-warming pockets

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A fashionable Long merino lamb fur leather coat like this one can instantly glamorize the looks of a man. The natural texture of premium quality lamb leather is noticeable through aniline finishing. Furthermore, it enhances the durability of the leather. One may use this outfit for years and pass it through generations.

Distinct Features of Merino Lamb Fur Long Leather Coat

This outfit can surely keep one warm and comfortable for hours. On one hand, the lamb skin does not cause overheating due to being a breathable material. On the other hand, merino wool is known for its natural insulating properties. The trapped air inside the woolen fiber prevents the loss of body heat. Also, the woolen layer easily absorbs the moisture and feels markedly soft against the skin.

The shawl style collar of fox fur isn’t just an accessorizing feature. It works as a shield for the neck and shoulders against the cold wind. Undeniably, this wide collar makes this outfit an excellent choice for the winter. For maximum protection from the cold, it’s designed with large round buttons in the front.

This elegant outfit has large patch pockets on both sides. This is certainly a convenient feature for the wearer. One may use them to carry the personal belongings or to keeps the palms warm when outdoors.

Long Leather Coat of Merino Lamb Fur – A Versatile Outfit

This long coat of lamb leather isn’t just praiseworthy because of practical features. Because of its classy charm, it’s befitting for all types of events and affairs. One may wear it to the formal or semi-formal parties or on casual outings with equal ease. It’s also suitable for workplaces owing to its aristocratic looks.

Key Components

  • Luxuriant long coat of merino lamb in aniline finish
  • Broad shawl style collar of fox fur covering the neck and shoulders
  • Stylish round buttons in the front to close up the coat when necessary
  • Front-side patch pockets with buttoned flaps



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