Leather Crop Jacket with Fox Fur Sleeves, it has a soft and smooth texture that’s fabulous to touch, with thick, lustrous guard hairs which is longer, coarser, and almost straight is wonderfully fluffy will attract people’s attention. This Waist Length Jacket is of Golden Hue because Red Fox has a white-tipped tail so the coat has white colour highlights all over the coat. With Full Sleeves, this attire has a Fluffy Hood to protect you from strong winds. The outfit has parallel designs with Real Sheep pelt stripes conjoins and detailing cuff which makes it eye-catching. This wonderful plush has two hand-warming Side Pockets and a Finest Quality Metal Zipper as closure. Fully lined with Premium Satin Lining the outfit has Original Sheep Leather Strapping Inner Facing to give the product a perfect finish. Combine this lightweight Fox Fur Jacket with a pair of jeans or trousers that will give you a casual and a classy look.