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Golden Fur Poncho For Women


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The golden fur poncho is one of the unique products launched in the fox fur section of Alen Cooper. Setting a unique style statement, the golden fur poncho is a luxury stylish winter product range. The plush product range can never go out of fashion. The poncho is in a rectangular pattern that you can wrap up to your arms. Or you may even style the way you feel like

You can style it the way you want to. The plush winter wear product can be worn and paired with different dresses or two-piece outfits. Made with full skin fox fur pelts, the poncho is stitched with perfection. Highly skilled professional designers have worked hard and diligently to stitch each pelt so effortlessly. 

You can wear it to different social events and gatherings. The poncho is quite soft and supple in texture. The fluffy outlook of the product helps in keeping you warm and comfortable in chilly winter conditions. The rectangular pattern of the poncho is segmented into vertical pelts. And there are four of them stitched together keeping it quite fluffy. 

Regardless of the height or figure, the poncho can be styled and worn by all. The dual-tone tinge into the poncho makes way for aesthetic appeal. The outfit strikes the right balance of aesthetic appeal and practical functionality. Leaving no stones unturned, the outfit ensures value for money. 

    Detailing of the product – 

  • Made from full-skin fox fur pelts 
  • The dual-tone tinge of golden and white red fox fur detailing 
  • The rectangular poncho is segmented into four vertical pelts cojoined together
  • You can style it in different ways
  • It ensures a perfect fit for all, regardless of the height of the figure
  • Ensures value for money
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