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Golden Fox Coat with Hood Has An Open Collar And Shawl Lapel Style


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A Golden Fox Coat typically refers to a type of clothing made from the fur of a golden fox, that inhabits various regions of the world. Alen Cooper’s Golden Fox Coat with Hood is a sophisticated and exotic winter wear. The golden fox fur pelts used in this coat are of premium quality, and known for their super soft texture.
The coat is with a hood that provides additional warmth and protection from the cold. This is a waist-length coat that enhances the smartness of the wearer. In this full-sleeved coat, the full sleeves provide coverage and warmth to the arms during the winter days. The coat has sleeves that are flared near the wrist.
The collar in this coat is a unique shawl lapel style, accented at the back to form a wide hood. The typical feature of a hood in a fur coat is to provide additional warmth and protection to the head and neck from extreme cold. The open-collar style coat without any closure is a good choice for smart ladies for their winter wardrobe.
A coat with an open collar shawl lapel typically refers to a type of outerwear featuring a shawl lapel collar. The open collar design allows the shawl lapel to drape elegantly over the shoulders, creating a stylish and sophisticated look. This elegant coat with a lapel collar has a premium quality silk-satin inner lining for extra comfort. The inner lining also serves as better insulation against low temperatures. The overall flawless finish of this coat makes it perfect for any event or occasion.

Golden fox fur coat
Fox fur pelts of premium quality
Open collar coat
Shawl lapel collar
Full sleeved
Coat with a hood to cover the head and neck
Inner lining with silk-satin fabric
Soft, warm, and comfortable
Waist length
Stylish, sophisticated, and elegant winter outfit

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