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Genuine Leather Jackets in Grey are Extremely Used by Stylish Ladies


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The neutral shade Grey symbolises a gloomy and cloudy environment or feelings. However, this is one of the most popular colours used for dress materials and is in high demand always. The main reason for this can be that the grey-coloured product is used in professional areas as well as can be used for casual environments. Alen Cooper’s Genuine Leather Jackets in Grey for Tasteful Ladies is a fusion of style and practical functionality. This grey-shaded jacket is a pure leather outfit.

Our leather jacket is made of real leather, beginning with the softness of the inside and extending to the outside. The inner lining is of silk satin of the highest quality. Comfort and warmth are the primary criteria for any winter outfit and this jacket excels in that. The grey-shaded outfit is not only comfortable but has a great style also. This jacket is a classic piece with a modern trendy style.

This outfit has a mandarin collar, which is very smart and levels up the aesthetic feature. Due to the genuine leather with an Italian lamb finish, this jacket has a soft and supple texture. The smartness of the owner increases with metallic zippers. The metallic zipper acts as the front closure in a symmetrical manner. The cuffs of the full-sleeved jacket also open and close with zippers. The zippers used here are of premium quality metal and a small leather strap is attached to the zip lock for easy gripping. The two side pockets are also zip-locked in this outfit.

On the two sides of the jacket, there are two in-built leather belts with loops. The leather belts, the cuffs and the collar have silver-coloured snap buttons. The overall features of the outfit enhance the stylish attire, apart from the comfort and warmth part.

The flawless finish and the simple looks add one level up to this classic yet trendy outfit.


  • Real leather
  • Zippered closure
  • Cuffs with zip-lock, inbuilt belts
  • Mandarine collar
  • Snap buttons at collar, cuffs and wrist.


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