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Genuine Leather Jackets in Appealing Black for Women Bike Lovers


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Demand for coats & jackets made of pure fur & leather increases when winter is near. The warmth, comfort and softness of pure leather and furs are unmatched by artificial materials. However, identifying pure materials is not so easy. A trusted source is important to own a pure leather or fur product. Alen Cooper is a name worth mentioning in this regard. Alen Cooper’s Genuine Leather Jackets for Tasteful Ladies is a stylish product.

The black jacket crafted from Italian-finish leather is a classic piece of art for women’s bike lovers. It has a trendy and smart-looking Mandarin collar with a snap button. The jacket has a metallic zipper closure that opens the outfit symmetrically. The collar protects the neck from chilled winds during strolling or biking in the open air.

The cuffs are fastened with zip locks and snap buttons. The seam line at the cuffs is wide to give a stylish look. All other seam lines in this jacket have double-lined stitches to ensure perfect stitching and also create a design. The in-built leather belts at the two sides of the waist area are with loops. The belt ends have snap buttons.

The spacious hand-warming side pockets in the front portion of the outfit with metallic zippers help to keep small items in this storage space. The pockets are slanted. The seam lines at the back side of the sleeves are very much in trend with the latest design.

Black is a classy and attractive shade for dress materials, which have a special charm irrespective of gender. This black, pure leather jacket is an elegant, sophisticated, and classic piece of the winter wardrobe.


  • Genuine leather jackets
  • Appealing Black
  • Front zipper closure
  • Two slanted side pockets with zip-lock
  • Mandarin collar with snap button
  • Full sleeves with zippered cuffs and snap  buttons
  • Two in-built leather belts at the two sides
  • The leather belts with loops and snap buttons for design
  • Stylish, comfortable and elegant winter wardrobe
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