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Women’s Real Frost Fox Fur Collar Scarf



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Animal fur in its natural being is always renowned for the utter preservation of warmth in extreme cold surroundings. Foxes in the Scandinavian zone rely only on their dense fur to stay safe from the ice. And so, winter wear made of true fox fur is guaranteed to retain warmth even in adverse weather conditions. They single-handedly are sufficient and efficient. Alen Cooper’s furred winter wears and accessories cast a true sense of premium quality. And so, the product line highlights impeccable warmth and luxury. The Fox fur scarf with fox face is an extraordinary design surrounding both appearance and utility.

The winter add-on is extra-ordinarily crafted to display the full hide of a Scandinavian Blue Fox. The design’s concept centers around the intention of making the little extra function in multiple forms as a neck warmer, a snug scarf, and a stylish boa. And so, it has a wide width reflecting the original specification of a live fox. This in turn keeps the wearer 100% insulated and cozy. Besides a basic neck wrap, it can be carried along the shoulder in various styles as per comfort and fashion. It has a long length and so provides variant styling options. 

The scarf is tailored in the most distinct ways and carries funky detailing on both ends. The broad tail leaves a naturalistic impression while the fox face on the other end shapes a chic look. The ends bear a magnetic buckle on the inner side for securing the stylish wrap around the neck. The internal lining is made of 100% Satin to render it posh. 

Besides the quality maintained comfort and function, the fox fur scarf with fox face forms a spin on modern trends. Its natural shade elevates its appearance and promotes the winter statement.  It can be accessorized with any apparel starting from short bodycon dresses to a pair of skinny jeans and tops, and to casual trousers, etc.

The voguish furry scarf yields good results in terms of durability, luxury, and comfort. It ensures its everlasting appeal and shapes a smart buy.

Physical Features:

  • Authentic blue fox fur scarf
  • Smooth and silky satin internal lining
  • Natural shade
  • Magnetic Buckle at ends
  • Broad style scarf
  • Add-on functions as neck warmer, stole and boa.
  • Carries lookalike fox face and tail

Instructions for use:

  • Hair dryer – blow for acquiring the fluffy shape; on receipt of the item
  • To be subtly hand washed to retain its original shape
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