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Exotic Black Full Skin Mink Fur Coat for Men’s



This is a Special/Customized Order. 

DELIVERY: 2 to 3 weeks from the day of receipt of Order. 

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Mink fur is known for its dense guard hairs. These dense hairs account for adequate warmth and soft texture. The Exotic Black Full Skin Mink Fur Coat for men from Alen Cooper is a premium quality mink fur coat for men. Winter coats and jackets for men like the one mentioned above give a smart, elegant, and stylish look.

This natural black mink fur coat is exotic due to its tempting shade. Black attires are always a matter of pride and provide a sophisticated look. This waist-length coat is with full sleeves. Mink fur is very popular for its texture, softness, and perfect warmth. The exceptionally high-quality furs give the outfit a vintage and luxurious look.

The jacket closes with a zipper. The premium quality metallic zipper opens the front symmetrically into two halves. The long full sleeves protect the hand from cold winds. The design of this outfit is simple and aesthetically high-end.

This jacket has two side slit pockets with a perfect finish for small storage space. The pockets are also for hand-warming and give the wearer a decent look. The comfort of this mink fur coat for men  is enhanced by the inner lining, which is of premium quality silk-satin. This is a regular fit winter wear that is easy to carry for its lightweight feature.

The velvety fur with the soft and smooth texture of this coat is unmatched in quality with regular winter clothes. The collar is folded & a little stiff, made with the same material as the body. This jacket can be paired with any lower outfit and is perfect for any event, be it a casual or formal meeting.

Real premium quality mink fur
Warm, comfortable, and soft
High-quality metallic zipper as front closure
Silk-satin inner lining for extra comfort
Two side slit pockets with a flawless finish
Folded and stiff collar



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