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Blue Frost Fox Fur Hybrid Black Parka with Rabbit Liner Convertible for Women’s

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A parka – also known as anorak – is a particular type of clothing item that is often streamlined with fur. It is often worn during hunting and kayaking to beat the extreme cold of the Arctic. An impressive range of blue frost fox hybrid fur black long parka convertibles  has been introduced at Alen Cooper meant for women to redefine their style and elegance.  The shell of the black parka is made of nylon and 100% waterproof. Thus, it provides you insulation against rain and you can easily use the product as a wind-cheater or raincoat. The fur frontline together with the liner can be detached easily and you can wear the inner vest as a separate individual line waist. To honour your unique taste, Alen Cooper has been strikingly innovative in designing this range of hybrid fur parka convertibles. The fur along the trim of the frontline as well as that in the hood remains static or unchanged while the colour and the type fur in the inner vest of the parka can be customised according to your choice and order.

Carefully hand-stitched by highly trained experts, the range of black long parka is assured to be long-lasting. Book now to beat limited stocks!

  • Original blue frost fox fur
  • Detachable frontline and liner allows wearing the inner vest separately as an completely independent outfit
  • The parka is innovatively designed to wear in different ways depending on your mood
  • High-quality nylon and 100% waterproof shell
  • The item doubles as trustworthy raincoat or wind cheater
  • High-quality chromium zipper
  • Exceptionally soft and lightweight yet keeps you warm and comfortable on exceptionally cold and wintry days
  • Assuredly long-lasting
  • Carefully stitched by expert hands to highlight your vital statics in polished and refined way
  • Precision cutting, stitching and designing
  • Possible to custom choose the quality and color of the fur in the inner parka vest at the time of placing your order
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