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Black Genuine Leather Wallet – Elegance with practical features



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This black genuine leather wallet is an accessory for any man who prefers a perfect blend of fashion and convenience. This luxurious wallet is designed using high-end milled cowhide to ensure longevity. At the same time, designers have handcrafted it for maximum convenience of users. The interior side of this wallet has multiple slots for cards to safely carry the cards as well as bills. Therefore, it can keep one’s essentials safe while being a fashionable and durable accessory.

For men who like to stay fashionable at all times, a wallet isn’t just a pouch to carry the money or essentials. It becomes an accessory to make a style statement. Without a doubt, carrying this luxurious bi-fold wallet of dual shade attests to one’s refined test. Its sleek design undeniably complements the masculinity. At the same time, it’s designed to properly carry multiple cards and bills.

The interior part of this wallet is divided in two sections. One section is designed with multiple slots of varying sizes to carry different types of cards. The other section runs the length of the wallet. One may use it to carry the bills without having to fold them. The use of leather in contrasting colors is certainly a unique feature of this deluxe wallet. It’s handcrafted using milled cowhide.

Owing to the milling process, the leather becomes soft with intensified natural lines. There’s no doubt that this wallet is going to last for years despite repetitive use. The single-line stitching using the blue thread along the exterior and interior border certainly adds more depth to its appearance.

Prominent Features

  • Handcrafted wallet of finest quality cowhide is a luxurious accessory for men
  • Looks distinctive with black and tan leather strips
  • Uniform and soft texture results from milled processing
  • Single-line stitch using blue threads increase durability alongside creating an impressive contrast against the black base
  • Internal slots for essentials – six slots for cards and a non-segmented slot for bills
  • Designed to last for years despite regular use
  • Requires no maintenance
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