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Authentic Finland Silver Fox Long Coat for Women


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Made from authentic full skin silver fox fur pelts, the mid-length silver fox fur  coat radiates unparalleled style and sophistication. The mid-length coat is well crafted with a wide hood, collar and lapel. The entire sectioning of the silver fox fur trench coat is done in arrow format. It is like the pelts are joined together in a manner to showcase the masterpiece. The highly skilled and competent designers have invested their creativity and innovation to enhance the overall look and feel of the plush winter wear range. 

The mid-length silver fox fur coat is well ornated with a wide hood and lapel. The wide hood is made with full skin silver fox fur pelts, both inside out. There is not much sectioning on the hood section. Though it commences right from the collar to the lapel and down to the ankle length. The wide hood is big enough to cover the neckline and the head, keeping you warm and comfortable. 

The lapel and the frontline are pretty wide. It does have an arrow-like design all over. Not just the frontline but also the entire body is covered with the same design structure. There are concealed spacious and hand-warming side pockets. It keeps your palms warm and comfortable in extreme cold weather conditions. 

Offering sufficient warmth and insulation, the outerwear is fluffy, soft and supple in texture. It has long guard hair with dense underfur. Furthermore, the plush winter wear range is also crafted with a dual-tone finish. The white and black texture on the fox fur looks impeccable. It has got a separate class of its own. Radiating unparalleled style and sophistication, the outfit can be worn as a proper dress. You can pair it with any bottoms. 

The sleeves are pretty oversized. They have paragraph style design. They create enough room and comfort for the wearer. It is in regular design. The inner lining of the jacket is also crafted with full skin silver fox fur pelts. Regardless of the harsh temperature conditions, the mid-length coat for women is perfect wear. Guarantees an apt fit for all, regardless of the height or figure, the silver fox fur coat is available in a variety of sizes. It ensures value for money. 

Detailing of the product – 

Made from full skin silver fox fur pelts

The collar, frontline and entire body is designed with an arrow-like structure 

The wide hood is the attention-grabber

It keeps the head and the neck area warm and comfortable 

Concealed hand-warming side pockets 

Ensures value for money

Available in a variety of sizes 

Guarantees a perfect fit for all

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