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Men’s Authentic Rabbit Fur Coat with Fox Fur Collar in Black


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Product Features

  • Fur – Authentic Rabbit
  • Internal Lining – Premium Satin
  • Fur Texture – Single-section Lining
  • Embellishment – Arctic Fox Fur
  • Zip-up Front Closure
  • Regular double Fur Turn-down Collar
  • Slit pockets
  • Waist-length Coat
  • Temperature – 25°F
  • Wind Resistant
  • Application – Casual, Semi-Formal, Formal, Festive

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ESTIMATED DELIVERY: 2 to 3 weeks from the day of receipt of Order. 

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Take full advantage of this winter’s introduction of Alen Cooper’s new stunning and captivating Authentic Rabbit Fur Coat for Men. Each fur coat in this line shows excellence in design and development. The product line exudes the beauty of seamless crafting thereby improving the overall robust. Your sophisticated taste in fashion-related topics is effectively communicated through a product line with innovative design.

Beauty and Comfort

The beautiful appearance and useful functionality of the men’s authentic rabbit fur coat shows a perfect balanced. The genuine rabbit fur pelts are hued black which lends the outfit an immense fashionable appeal. Also, suitability for all events is pulled off. Additionally, the broad collar of the finest and luscious Arctic Fox fur dyed black forms the highlight of the appeal. It indeed forms the ideal appearance for events or any formal occasion.

Structural Details of the Authentic Rabbit Fur Coat

To begin with the inner, the plush significantly stems from pure full satin lining. On the other hand, rabbit fur reflects a single section-lining texture. Further, the coat carries superior chromium zipper that aids the the front closing centrally. There are the two side slash pockets which upholds the perfect blend of comfort and fashion. To rephrase, one can utilize the roomy pockets to store little items or shield exposed hands from the brisk weather. On the whole, this high-end suit reflects a sleek appearance and undoubtedly offers substantial insulation to withstand strong winds.

As a fashion recommendation, one can wear this coat with jeans for a casually chic look while being toasty in style. On the other hand, it suits its perfection for a festive attire equally. Getting this wonderful, stunning coat adds to the appealing personality.


The trendy Authentic Rabbit Fur Coat, a distinct variation in modern style, offers a best chance to look more brilliant, alluring, and dignified. The perfect finishing is evident throughout the product line. Because of the extreme attention used in product design, it is robust and has a long lifespan, making it a worthwhile investment. The production of this incredibly eye-catching suit goes above to optimize the worth of hard-earned money.

Physical Features of Authentic Rabbit Fur Coat: 
  • Black-hued Luscious Fox fur wide collar
  • Perfect fusion of fashion and practicality
  • Premium quality metallic zipper as front closure
  • 2 side slash pockets
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