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Summer is officially here with its fun and excitement. It is the best time to dress differently yet trendy. And the biggest spark is that now you don’t need to cover yourself with full sleeves and overcoats, now you can flaunt your petty dress as much as you want. In the summertime, you can attend lots of outdoor parties, long drives and so many other things to enjoy outside the room. When you are going to enjoy outside, you become more careful about your fashion and style.

You know that there are so many options available there but picking something unique is always appreciable. In the previous eras, you may have noticed that people prefer to copy others’ style; they prefer to copy celebrities and sportspersons. But the best difference you will notice in this era as people are more concerned about creating their own style statement instead of copying others. And this is really a great thing!

What Do you think about leather jacket in summer? Yes, it is also a trendy option for summertime. Now the leather is also accepted in summer and modern people have broken the wrong concept that leather is only winter’s game. You can wear and look fabulous with a summer leather jacket. But there are some tricks you can follow to stay comfortable and rule the trend with a real leather jacket in hot and humid weather. Today, Alen Cooper will share those tricks in the below section-

You know that comfort depends on how we choose our clothing or which clothing items can give us high fashion value with extreme comfort that we need to identify. Real leather jackets and coats are ideal for giving warmth for sure. But they also can offer comfort in summer too. There are some facts that you need to consider before buying leather outerwear items for summer.

First of all, you should choose thinner leather. The lighter type of leather is perfect for the hot days. There are a lot of thinner leather jackets and coats are available in the market and you will get the best one easily. Alen Cooper also has special summer collection with up to 70% discount.

Secondly, you should avoid multiple layers. Actually, we add multiple layers when we need more warmth and that is for winter days. But in summer, you do not need multiple layers at all. Just a single shirt under the jacket is enough. Along with this, you can also try unzipped front style (jacket) and you will definitely look fresh and stylish.

Thirdly, you should choose short and lightweight leather jackets for summer. Long and heavyweight leather jackets are there for winter. Multiple layers, quilts, and satin lining make the leather outerwear heavier and these things you do not need in summer at all.

Fourthly, you need to check that your chosen leather outerwear has cotton lining or not. Cotton lining is good for summer days as it does not add any warmth. On the contrary, satin lining adds warmth and that’s why most of the winter outerwears are of satin lining. So, you can understand that during the summertime why choosing leather jackets with cotton lining is beneficial.

If you follow these facts properly, you will end up by picking up the best leather jackets for men and women.

If you want hassle-free shopping, you can directly contact us as we have special summer collection with up to 70% discount. Leather moto jacket, cropped jackets are in high demand and you will get exactly here at the right price.

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The world is changing; it is becoming smarter than before. People are now that much smart to understand the real fact behind the propaganda. Actually, now they think from a different perspective and stand for the right reason. And that is really amazing!

Wearing fur and leather have suffered a lot of ethical dilemmas yet people choose these options as there is no better way out. Extreme cold, white snow all around, stormy breeze along with snowfall- it may seem romantic, beautiful or even adventurous only in movies. In reality, people face too many problems at that time. Neither you nor I can do anything about winter. It’s the job of Mother Nature and we have to deal with it to become stronger. All we can do is protect ourselves inside a room and wearing cold protective outerwear.

When it comes to wearing the best cold protective outerwear, nothing can beat the incredible warmth capacity of real fur and leather. Since the Stone Age, people are wearing fur to protect themselves from the cruel face of nature. When temperature runs in minus yet you have to perform your regular job, you need the best winter outerwear. Wearing too many clothes may not warm you that much and it will also make you uncomfortable, you will find difficulties to perform your jobs. To perform the regular jobs smoothly and protect the health, leather and fur are the best choices. Just a single piece can keep the wearer warm all day without making him or her uncomfortable.

Now it comes to the ethical dilemma! Here you need to imagine a fact and that is if you skip leather and fur completely then what will you wear in the winter time? You may go for synthetic alternatives as these do not belong to any animal. You know that in order to produce a synthetic product how much chemical gets used! Regular use of chemicals and its manufacturing process directly contributes the global warming. Is that a pleasant thing to the earth? Definitely not! If we continue this process, we human and other lives of this planet will face severe destruction. Is that ethical? Absolutely not!

You have to protect yourself in the too cold winter days without causing too much harm to the earth. And that’s why people are continuing with leather and fur in this decade.

So after solving the ethical dilemma, it comes to the right leather or fur outerwear that you need in this fall. Not only for this fall, but you can also wear a leather jacket for a decade. But before picking anything from the internet or a store, you need to be sure that you will look perfect with that outerwear. You can easily go with Alen Cooper leather jackets if you are in search of something simple yet elegant. Actually, we have a broader collection of stylish, unique, modern, and traditional leather and fur outerwear. You don’t have to worry about the quality as we have always used the fine quality materials.

Leather, shearling, and fur- we have everything in our collection. And all the products are genuine. We offer fair labeling and easy-return policy so that our customer can get the best thing without any doubt.

If you notice closely, you will find that already a lot of people are in love with Alen Cooper’s fur coat for men and women simply because of the unique style and best quality furs. We generally use mink, rabbit, raccoon, and chinchilla fur and you know that these are the best furs which offer amazing softness and incredible warmth.

Our selling procedure is also simple. If you want to purchase Alen Cooper’s fur jacket for men or women, all you need to do is just visit our site, select the jacket you want to buy, select its color and size and go to the payment option. If there is any coupon code available you can apply that at the payment time to get the sound discount. If you buy from our store, you have to come to our store, here you can enjoy the free trails. And our marketing experts will help you to find the best one according to your choice and size. We accept both cards and cash.

Apart from the outerwear, you will get party shoes and accessories here at the right price. To get the updates of new offers and discount, you can subscribe to us and we will inform you accordingly.

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The way you dress defines your sense of fashion and confidence level. This modern era is about creating something own. Having your own style statement is the best thing. From the top celebrities to next door man or woman, no one believes in copying others’ style. And that is really amazing. Alen Cooper thinks that this is the best thing of this era. There is no logic or reason to copy others especially when you can create your own style. The freedom of making something own and experiment, you will get in this era. Why waste the opportunity?


If you a person with high fashion value and love to experiment with your looks and clothing, Alen Cooper has brought something exciting for you. You know that leather bomber jacket has high fashion value and demand in this 2019. Actually, real leather jackets are timeless, no matter which era it is, bomber jackets will have high market demand. You know all its historical information. If you somehow skipped its background, you can get that from our previous blogs. Without repeating history, it is the time to share six new ways to wear bomber jackets in 2019 with sensational style value. So, without wasting more time, let’s explore the ways in the below section-


1.) In order to advance your style statement, you can try the contrasting collars and layers. You know that fine quality smooth leather looks really classy on skin. But you can look 10X more attractive if you go with some twists like contrasting collars and layers. Men’s leather v bomber jacket can easily go with any kind of flat white pants or denim. So, if you have a favorite pant, you can get sure that a bomber will definitely accompany that.


2.) V-bomber is also a sensational option today. Actually, the V neck style makes the wearer look attractive in all the areas. Alen Cooper has a lot of v bomber jackets to explore. Here, you will get lots of color, size and style variations within your budget.


3.) Black bomber is the must-have piece in 2019. Actually, it is timeless. No matter where you are going or what kind of clothing you have planned, black bomber goes with everything. It can instantly create a cool as well as a classy look. Alen Cooper has a lot of black bomber jacket with or without quilts. Here, you will also get variations in zipper and pocket style. We also offer the customization service, so, if you have any specific idea in your mind you can share that and we will craft accordingly.


4.) With Alen cooper, you can try the unique color options. Black is constant yet there are some other exciting options which can instantly make you the center of attention. Some unique colors are olive, grey, yellow and so on are available at Alen Cooper. You will get these jackets easily both online and offline.


5.) Alen Cooper has brought another new style in 2019 and that is real leather bomber with fur hood. Actually, you know that real leather is there to protect the wearer from cold and the adding fur hood gives extra warmth, comfort, and style. Everyone wants to try something out of the box yet highly fashionable. If you too are planning the same, you have come to the right place.


Alen Cooper offers a wide range of Men’s Leather Bomber Jackets in affordable price. You can reach us both online and offline. Apart from this, we offer an exciting discount on each purchase and to get that you have to avail the coupon code. In order to get the coupon code, kindly browse our site. Or you can simply subscribe to us to get the updates at the right time through mail and message.



A cold winter afternoon, according to weather report after an evening there will be medium to high snowfall, cold breeze is already here and you have an evening date. The scenario is sweet, maybe it is that date you are in the wish for long, there will be wine, candlelight, soft music, food, and endless love! See, how much you are blushing just by imagining about the evening!

Now you imagine cold, cough, and fever you are dealing with, there is limitless cold outside, you are getting freeze and the situation is no more romantic or pleasing.

Do you want to turn the first situation to the next situation? If your answer is NO, this blog is for you.

Actually, these two are the very common scenarios. But you can enjoy the first scenario according to your heart without tolerating the second one. How? Alen Cooper will tell you.

There is winter and you cannot do anything about that, it is the bliss of Mother Nature. She is unpredictable. But that cannot make you stop from an outing and having fun. A human can do anything and everything with safety and that’s why we are the best and most superior animal on the planet!

Now it comes to what can you do if there is too cold, even if the temperature is running in minus! Nothing to worry! All you can do without making a mess and that is you can wear a real leather jacket. Yes, the traditional option is the best choice for you in this kind of situation! A Real leather jacket is always classy and everyone loves it. Real leather has a separate fan base since the Second World War time. If someone truly likes leather, it is hard for him or her to switch any other option.

So, now come to the point how you can carry a real leather jacket on your date. If it is the very first time, you should look attractive without making anything exaggerated! You need to look sober and simple and feel comfortable. If it is your first date, you need to be careful about the color you are choosing, you can choose something romantic.

On the date, we girls always remain excited and even we feel a little awkward for no reason! But that cannot ruin your day if you plan early. What you will wear on that very day, the color, jewelry, shoes, accessories- everything you should plan and arrange early so that you can easily avoid the hurry and mess. If everything is prepared, you will have plenty of time in your hand and you can blend your foundation so well by taking time.

If it comes to makeup, Alen Cooper can suggest you that you can apply eye shadow by matching the color of your outerwear- it’s a new and unique idea. Generally, people match eye shadow with their outfit. Apart from this, you can do some good contouring, blush, and highlight according to your choice. Except for the face, there are a lot of places on your body where you can apply highlighter. Generally, it is winter time and most area of the body will be covered yet if you have some open areas, you can apply highlighter on the high points.

Now it comes to the shoe pair, in order to get an attractive and unique look you can match shoe color with your winter leather jacket. If it is possible, you should peak a leather boot with goring. It will offer both high-style and warmth.

You can wear a trendy wrist watch or a wrist band according to your choice. You can wear jewelry too. But if the leather jacket is studded with metal, you should avoid jewelry otherwise it will look exaggerated.

Now it comes to hair, it is winter and you can keep your hair open without a tie. Your natural open hair is beautiful than anything in this world. So, why not you let your date notice it and realize how lucky he is to date you!

It is evening time, you can apply some perfume rather than regular deo, sweet and mild perfume is ok! If you need long lasting smell, you can apply some Vaseline on your palm, wrist, and neck and then you can spray perfume there. And the smell will be with you for a long time. This is the best way to avoid any kind of embarrassing odor problem.

Now you are all set to heading ahead for your date!

Hope this blog is helpful to you and if you want a good fashion leather jackets for ladies, you can directly contact us. We have a huge collection. You can reach us both online and offline. You can browse our website or you can get our products at all the popular shopping portals. If you buy from our website, you can get some discount by applying our coupon code. In order to get the coupon code, you should browse our website on a regular basis. We offer free international shipping along with a complication-free easy return policy.

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Have a great day and date ahead!


Wearing a leather jacket is one of the comfortable ways to match the vibes of the modern trend in fashion.  No matter you are in 2019 or 2050, real leather will have a place in every era. It is basically timeless and as a proof, we can say that since the Second World War time, leather is in the genre without losing its sparks a bit. And that’s amazing.

We have no better alternative in our box. It is sad but true. If you are in search of an effective alternative of real leather, you will never get. Maybe there are synthetic alternatives but those are not up to the mark. They cannot offer you the same level of comfort and elegance that a real leather piece can.

In our previous blogs, you will notice that we have mentioned and elaborated the benefits of leather in detail so that you can understand which to shop and from where. Incredible warmth, amazing smoothness, and comfort, classy appearance, multi-climate protection and so many benefits are there when we choose real leather jacket over other options.

The very first leather jacket was bomber and we can also call it flight or aviator jacket. In those war days, there was extremely cold outside though they have to accelerate their activities without and rest. In that highly sensitive war time, the U.S militants feel the need for outerwear which is both incredibly warm and comfortable so that they can perform their tasks without facing any interruption. They used to stay inside the war tank for hours even for days. The extreme cold outside, sensitive war time, work pressure- these all are there to make their life pathetic but thanks to the leather aviator jackets which has added extreme level of comfort, warmth, and pace to their work. After wearing real leather flight jacket they did not feel cold, they were warm and happy.

The warmth and classy appearance of these leather jackets have inspired the common people too and they have started to copy the U.S militant’s winter outerwear. After a time, these jackets became everyone’s cup of tea.

These aviator jackets are trendy too and it will never go out of fashion. You know that fashion changes continuously but style does not. But there are some items which are constant in fashion regime, they had rocked the last century and they will rock this century too.

Nowadays, a lot of people prefer to wear aviator jackets with fur trim and that’s why Alen Cooper is attaching real raccoon or rabbit or fox fur collar and other fur lines so that you can enjoy the style at its peak. If you want to explore the collection, please browse our listing. Or you can directly visit us. Apart from these, in a lot of popular online shopping portals, our products are available and you can get from there too.

Now we are offering real leather jackets for sale at a reasonable price. You can use the coupon code to get the instant flat discount on each purchase.  Along with this, we also offer free shipment to other countries. So, no matter where you are, if you purchase our product, we will reach that at your place just within seven to eight business days.

So, do not waste your time, do shop leather jackets and let trend start with you!


Among all the trendy questions, the newest is “can I wear a leather jacket in summer”? And the answer is YES you can happily. Actually, the leather jacket is only for winter is a very old and stereotype concept. And now it is the time to break it and explore the new sensations of modern style. The leather jacket is good for the warmth that you need in the winter. Its unrevealed part is that it can keep you cool and protect you from injuries and other weather hazards even in the summertime.

If you notice, you will get to know that there are a lot of celebrities who are making leather jackets a part of their summer clothing regime. And it deserves the time, style, and money. After accepting leather in summer, a lot of people found themselves in a great dilemma that they cannot differ the summer jackets from the winter collection. Today, Alen Cooper will help you to differ the summer jackets from the winter collection. So, let’s have a look at the below table-

Summer leather jackets Winter leather jackets
Generally, summer leather jackets are lightweight. Wearing heavyweight jackets during the summer is not possible and makes the wearer uncomfortable. So, you should always choose an option which is lightweight and easy to carry. Winter jackets are generally heavy-weight as there are a lot of feather quilts, long quilted sleeves, and even long fur collar. Winter jackets aim to provide the required warmth,   even in the minus temperature.
Summer jackets are short in nature. A summer jacket will end below your waistline. Cropped or moto jackets are ideal options as amazing summer leather jackets for women. Men can easily go with the other short length jackets without any quilt. There are various kinds of jackets to wear in the winter time. You can easily pick the over sized shawl collar jackets, mid length aviator jackets or moto biker jackets.
Summer jackets always offer you the unzipped style so that you can flaunt your dress as much as you want. A short skirt, a beautiful top, an unzipped cropped jacket, and a dark color pump (with heel) can make a perfect summer look. If it is winter, cold wind is blowing and snow is falling outside, you need secure zipped and properly quilted leather jackets.
Summer jackets have no quilts otherwise it will make the wearer uncomfortable. If you live in a country where winter is too cold, you need leather jackets with proper quilts so that you can protect yourself from cold even in the minus temperature.
You should choose summer jackets which are bright in colors so that heat can get reflected and your jacket does not absorb any heat. In winter, you can go with any color according to your heart. There is no rule about color in winter at all!

These are the main 5 differences that you can notice between summer and winter leather jackets. But here is an exception and that is you can wear a motorcycle leather jacket at any season of the year. There are a lot of professional and amateur riders who prefer to wear motorcycle leather jackets in summer.

If you want to explore summer leather jackets, you can directly visit us or you can browse our website. There you will get hundreds of collection to make your summer more stylish and comfortable.

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“Price is what you pay. Value is what you get”. - Warren Buffet


We purchase stuff on a regular basis, it can be grocery item or study material. We need to spend money on a regular basis. When we spend money and avail an item and that item offers us all the possible benefits, we feel satisfied. It is the ultimate value of that purchased item. But the scenario gets worst when we buy stuff instead of our hard earned money and the benefits we deserve to get are missing. The money, time, effort- all go in vain! No matter what the item is, it needs to have the promised value i.e. promised benefits.


This kind of frustrating situation takes place when the retailer is not transparent in his or her business making or when the buyer is not that much smart to evaluate the needs. Today, Alen Cooper will share some tips through which you can easily be a smart leather outerwear buyer and recognize the genuine retailer of the city. So, let’s start-


Select the type


Yes, there are various kinds of real leather jacket available in the market, some with traditional vibes and some with super modern sensation. What you exactly need, you have to decide before getting inside the store. You should do a little research and ask for referrals to your friends who have a high sense in fashion and trends. If you buy online, you can visit lots of sites for ideas. Or you can simply ping us to know your best style.


Select the color


It is the next important thing that you need to care. There is no boundary at all, you can wear what your heart wants unless the place where you are heading has a particular dress code or theme. Tan, coffee, and black leather jackets are common options and in this journey from long before. The new olive color jackets are high in trend, you can try that with Alen Cooper.


Select the leather type


Yes, here will get variations too! Different quality leather jackets are present in the market. Some are more comfortable, some are less; some are super soft and some are not that much. According to your need and budget, you have to choose the best one. If you are a first-time leather buyer or in need of super soft and comfortable yet reasonable leather outerwear, you should pick sheepskin over other options.


Check its originality


Questions arrive here! Yes, there are a lot of retailers in the market who sell alternative leather products in the name of real leather and it is not a pleasant fact. Faux or any other alternative option is less pricey but not good for health. Alternative options cannot provide you the required warmth and comfort. We have shared how to recognize real leather and differentiate from a fake one. If you have missed that post, see it again just by clicking this link:




It is the most important part as a lot of people do the mistake here. In the popular portals and websites, you will get proper size charts which will help you to get the right one for you. If you are visiting the store you can enjoy the free trials. Yet if you are not sure about the fit, you can ask the helping hands of the store or ping us to know your actual size. This process will help you to get the best one for you.


If you want to go with the customized option, you can directly contact us. All you need to do is just share your actual size chart and we will craft one for you. The manufacturing process may take two to three weeks.


Now it comes to recognizing the reliable retailer. All the retailers cum businessman have their own style of forwarding. But they have some common ways when they are completely reliable and making a fair business.


You should choose a retailer who offers proper labeling with each product. And the label should contain all the required information about the product.
He the retailer should offer an easy return policy. All the genuine retailers who are confident about their services they offer complication-free return benefit for enhanced customer satisfaction.
They will have positive feedbacks on their sites and Google local listing.
A good retailer always guides the customer with the aftercare suggestions. Actually, it declares that the retailer cares for its products and ensures long term benefits.
Their payment method needs to be very easy. Any type of card can be used there.
If you want further details about the product, the retailer will happily share some useful information.

These are the main things that you need to seek in a retailer. If all these sections are matches properly, you can easily forward the purchase process.

Or you can simply visit us at Green Acres Mall. If you want to buy online, you can visit our website. And in a lot of popular shopping portals, our products are available. You can subscribe to us to get informed about new offers and arrivals.

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People with great choice always admire the aristocracy of real leather. Since the Second World War time, real leather is in practice greatly. All the countries especially where winter is too cold there people are just in love with leather. It offers the required warmth and comfort. It has been noticed that day by day, the need for leather jackets coats is getting high. And you know that when stuff becomes popular, how much myths started to spread among people. Sometimes, business competitors or people with less knowledge do such. It is not appreciated at all!


Today, Alen Cooper will discuss the top 5 myths which are running today even on the internet. But as we have always said that we prefer to keep our customers and visitors well-informed with the right information, so, now it’s our duty to break the myths here. Let’s start-


More expensive item is more durable


You will notice that a lot of people are saying that expensive jackets are always more durable than other options. But do you know actually what makes a jacket expensive? Leather types, tanning, procedure, and designing are the most common tasks that a manufacturer does. And all these have a balanced expense. Apart from these, there is one thing that can nearly double the price than the actual price and that is the middle man. You will notice that many brands are charging a high price because they distribute their products among agents and middleman. And you get products from those agents and middleman.


There is good news too! There are a lot of good leather destinations too! From there you will get jackets and coats direct from the manufacturing house without visiting any middleman or agent. We are not bragging but for your information, we want to mention that we have our own manufacturing setting and direct from there we bring product at our stores (no middleman-no agent)! And that’s why we are able to offer you high-quality men’s coats and jackets within a reasonable range.

Easy Tumbledown


Many of us have the misconception and that is leather can get easily scratched as it is fragile. It is a myth, neither it is fragile nor easily gets scratched. You may face these scratches and fragileness with other fabrics but leather is very much stretchy in nature and always bounces back. It is popular for its durability and strength for centuries.


You can use a real leather jacket for a lifetime without compromising the jacket quality and charm. There are a lot of people who have been still using their grandparents’ coats and jackets just with some restyling.


Hard to clean


Real leather is not hard to clean at all rather it is way easier to clean. But you are not suggested to use any detergent on the leather surface. All you can do is just take a cotton cloth piece, wet it in lukewarm water and then gently rub over the jacket and wipe off the dirt and dust. After returning from outside, you should always shake off the jacket or coat well to remove snow, water, and dirt. After that, you should hang the outerwear for at least twenty minutes. In order o remove greasiness caused by oil, you can use baking soda or talcum powder.


Keep leather away from water


It is another most common myth.  Actually, real leather has water absorbing power. Along with this, the hydration of leather is really required to keep the leather well for a long time. Minimal contact with water is required. If your leather jacket gets too wet, you can use a dry cotton cloth to dry it. You know that is a natural material and that’s why it does not face any negative impact from water.


Color fades away


We all need proper care to shine. And proper care also ensures leather shine for a long time. It is a strong material and processed in a unique way so that its color cannot get faded away. You can wear a designer coat for men anywhere though its shine will not be compromised. But you need to make sure that after a time of use, you are enabling proper care and conditioner. Real leather can survive for years yet it will look like a new product.


You should always store leather jackets or coats away from excessive sunlight otherwise, heat will dry the leather and small cracks will be visible.


These are the top 5 myths we were carrying with us for years. Now, Alen Cooper has revealed the truth. As we have promised to keep our customers and visitors well informed always, it is our duty to share all the truths and clear the traditional misconceptions. So, keep these facts n your concern before availing women’s and men’s luxury designer coats and jackets.


Hope you have found this blog helpful!



There are myths about dressing rules rather you can say that people believe in fashion falsehood for so many times. Actually, somehow these falsehood is just limiting your style and practice such as you cannot wear socks with sandals, you say a big NO when it comes to mixing prints, you say NO to white dress after Labor Day and even you avoid leather between April to October. But this is the time to dress according to your heart. Most of the fashion divas have been breaking the rules and it is quite an excite ng stuff to do.


There are a few staple clothing choices that can easily make you more beautiful and stylish. And you should not miss one of the most desirable stable pieces, leather, in this spring. Actually, it’s the spring’s must-have outerwear for both men and women. There are various types of women’s coats and jackets such as quilted, studded, cropped, perforated and so on. It is completely up to your choice.


After too much cold winter, women feel the vigor to have some fun, outing, long drives, and parties. But there is light cold yet. If you ignore the proper clothing you may fall sick. In order to keep yourself fit and have some unique style, you must add a leather jacket in your spring list. Bike rides, late night party, evening pub date to formal parties- you can wear a leather jacket everywhere. Today, Alen Cooper is sharing some exciting ways to dress in this spring the best and elegant. So, let’s start-


1.) Cropped the jacket is a great choice for the springtime. It is short in length and good for medium to low cold days. You can pair it with denim or slim fit pants. You should stay concerned about the color always. The entire outfit will look good and get a sensational vibe if you wear a casual pump with or without heel with it.


2.) You can go with the studded option too. It is really attractive. From the evening to late night-this is a perfect choice. It gives you an out of the box look. With this option, neither you will look too simple nor too much exaggerated. For a sturdy to tough look, this is a great choice. This also falls under the women’s luxury coat type. Evening pub date to late night high-class party- you can carry it there without any confusion.


3.) Why not you tray a moto biker jacket with a slim fit jacket! In order to get the central attention, you have to dress stylish as well as unique without being awkward. Upper knee length slim fir skirt with a short moto biker jacket is perfect for daytime outing and afternoon date.

4.) It is spring, there is cold but not that much like winter. You can wear a designer Coats for Women and keep the front unbuttoned. With this way, neither you will feel hot nor cold. Balanced and comfortable warmth will be there for you. Along with this, you can show your inner dress to the world- maybe it a designer top or a simple T, what makes you comfortable.


5.) In spring, you can try different colors too. In spring, nature becomes colorful and you feel fresh and rejoiced. Hence, it is the best time to explore the colors you want. Generally, in summer and winter, we cannot try too many colors but spring permits us to go with our heart.


These are the all-new ways to try a leather jacket this spring. But now it comes to the destination from where you will get the best spring leather jackets at the right price. The answer is simple and the destination is Alen Cooper. We are not bragging, our collection is proving this fact. You can visit us offline or online according to your choice but definitely, you will be amazed by our collection.


From too cold winter to spring days- we have collection for all the seasons. We prefer to include new styles every month so that you can stay top on the trend with a high style statement. We know that this era does not prefer in copying others style and that’s why we come with various styles and colors so that with us, you can create your own style and let the world wondering about your gorgeousness.


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It is hard to predict what the weather will be in all day. In Germany, weather is unpredictable and people get confused that what they should wear to perform their day to day task and look good! In winter, maybe the morning is Sunny and not that much cold outside but when you are returning home in the afternoon there are snow hail and too much cold for you! This kind of situation is quite common in Germany and too much irritation. Today Alen Cooper is sharing some effective tips so that you can dress perfectly, look nice and adjust with any weather changes easily.

Lets’ begin then, begin with Alen Cooper-

Where are you going?

This is the first thing that you need to consider before choosing your winter dress. If you are going to the office, school or college, your appeal should be formal. Previously leather jackets and coats were not accepted as formal outerwear but nowadays, you can always these winter jackets and coats everywhere. But you cannot wear a biker jacket, or funky metal studded jackets at any formal place. Normal mid-length leather jacket with long sleeves and stand collar is perfect for any work and education place.

Pay attention to the color

In winter, basically, you can wear any color according to your choice. It is the ideal time to wear shiny colors that we usually avoid in summer. There are various types of jackets with various color options for you. Nowadays, colors are becoming unisex, I mean, no matter you are male or female, you can wear the color you like without losing your style value. Red leather jacket for men is now trending and you can have an experiment with it. You can pair it with pure denim, black or white pant and whiskey color sunglass.

For bike trips choose biker jackets

Winter is the best place to have some fun with friends and go for long bike trips, obviously if there is no snow falling! Maybe snow is there but cold wind gust, dust and chances of falling injuries are always there when you are riding a bike no matter how expert rider you are. You can easily protect yourself from all these hazards if you wear a protective leather biker jacket. Generally, the best leather biker jackets for men and women have quilts in shoulder and chest areas, long sleeves and the perfect length. Perfect length does not make the rider uneasy during riding, long sleeves protect the hands from getting cold (often too much cold wind makes the hands senseless and rider loss the control over bike handles and brake), and quilted cheat and shoulder area from cold wind and falling injuries, actually there is a layer between you and outerwear world. And that layer stops the outer harms to come in contact with you.

Full sleeve or half sleeve

The days have gone when people only wear leather jackets with long sleeves. Now you can wear a stylish sleeveless leather jacket too. There are a lot of sleeveless pure leather puffer jackets available in the market. These jackets are best for spring and late winter days. You can enjoy the comfortable warmth and protection without feeling suffocated inside.

Pick the perfect length

How will you look that also depends on the length of the outerwear! If you pick too long jackets in the less cold winter days, you will simply look awkward. Along with this, your height also matters and you should choose the jacket which finely matches your height. If you cannot decide the perfect length, you can easily ask the retailer for the help or get free online quotation service from the site you are going to purchase.

Choose the right size

Leather jackets are available in various size and colors and you should choose the right size. Generally, there are some common sizes (XS to XXXL) but if you do not fit in these sizes properly, you can go for the customized option. You know that perfect fit always boosts the beauty.

These are the basic 6 things that you need to care before selecting your winter wear in Germany. If you are in search of stylish real leather jackets this fall, you can visit us. Just by exploring our site, you will have an idea about our collection. You can visit us offline too. From the best leather biker jackets for women to real leather parka- we have everything for you. Along with these, we offer exciting discount around the year.

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