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Among all the trendy questions, the newest is “can I wear a leather jacket in summer”? And the answer is YES you can happily. Actually, the leather jacket is only for winter is a very old and stereotype concept. And now it is the time to break it and explore the new sensations of modern style. The leather jacket is good for the warmth that you need in the winter. Its unrevealed part is that it can keep you cool and protect you from injuries and other weather hazards even in the summertime.

If you notice, you will get to know that there are a lot of celebrities who are making leather jackets a part of their summer clothing regime. And it deserves the time, style, and money. After accepting leather in summer, a lot of people found themselves in a great dilemma that they cannot differ the summer jackets from the winter collection. Today, Alen Cooper will help you to differ the summer jackets from the winter collection. So, let’s have a look at the below table-

Summer leather jackets Winter leather jackets
Generally, summer leather jackets are lightweight. Wearing heavyweight jackets during the summer is not possible and makes the wearer uncomfortable. So, you should always choose an option which is lightweight and easy to carry. Winter jackets are generally heavy-weight as there are a lot of feather quilts, long quilted sleeves, and even long fur collar. Winter jackets aim to provide the required warmth,   even in the minus temperature.
Summer jackets are short in nature. A summer jacket will end below your waistline. Cropped or moto jackets are ideal options as amazing summer leather jackets for women. Men can easily go with the other short length jackets without any quilt. There are various kinds of jackets to wear in the winter time. You can easily pick the over sized shawl collar jackets, mid length aviator jackets or moto biker jackets.
Summer jackets always offer you the unzipped style so that you can flaunt your dress as much as you want. A short skirt, a beautiful top, an unzipped cropped jacket, and a dark color pump (with heel) can make a perfect summer look. If it is winter, cold wind is blowing and snow is falling outside, you need secure zipped and properly quilted leather jackets.
Summer jackets have no quilts otherwise it will make the wearer uncomfortable. If you live in a country where winter is too cold, you need leather jackets with proper quilts so that you can protect yourself from cold even in the minus temperature.
You should choose summer jackets which are bright in colors so that heat can get reflected and your jacket does not absorb any heat. In winter, you can go with any color according to your heart. There is no rule about color in winter at all!

These are the main 5 differences that you can notice between summer and winter leather jackets. But here is an exception and that is you can wear a motorcycle leather jacket at any season of the year. There are a lot of professional and amateur riders who prefer to wear motorcycle leather jackets in summer.

If you want to explore summer leather jackets, you can directly visit us or you can browse our website. There you will get hundreds of collection to make your summer more stylish and comfortable.

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“Price is what you pay. Value is what you get”. - Warren Buffet


We purchase stuff on a regular basis, it can be grocery item or study material. We need to spend money on a regular basis. When we spend money and avail an item and that item offers us all the possible benefits, we feel satisfied. It is the ultimate value of that purchased item. But the scenario gets worst when we buy stuff instead of our hard earned money and the benefits we deserve to get are missing. The money, time, effort- all go in vain! No matter what the item is, it needs to have the promised value i.e. promised benefits.


This kind of frustrating situation takes place when the retailer is not transparent in his or her business making or when the buyer is not that much smart to evaluate the needs. Today, Alen Cooper will share some tips through which you can easily be a smart leather outerwear buyer and recognize the genuine retailer of the city. So, let’s start-


Select the type


Yes, there are various kinds of real leather jacket available in the market, some with traditional vibes and some with super modern sensation. What you exactly need, you have to decide before getting inside the store. You should do a little research and ask for referrals to your friends who have a high sense in fashion and trends. If you buy online, you can visit lots of sites for ideas. Or you can simply ping us to know your best style.


Select the color


It is the next important thing that you need to care. There is no boundary at all, you can wear what your heart wants unless the place where you are heading has a particular dress code or theme. Tan, coffee, and black leather jackets are common options and in this journey from long before. The new olive color jackets are high in trend, you can try that with Alen Cooper.


Select the leather type


Yes, here will get variations too! Different quality leather jackets are present in the market. Some are more comfortable, some are less; some are super soft and some are not that much. According to your need and budget, you have to choose the best one. If you are a first-time leather buyer or in need of super soft and comfortable yet reasonable leather outerwear, you should pick sheepskin over other options.


Check its originality


Questions arrive here! Yes, there are a lot of retailers in the market who sell alternative leather products in the name of real leather and it is not a pleasant fact. Faux or any other alternative option is less pricey but not good for health. Alternative options cannot provide you the required warmth and comfort. We have shared how to recognize real leather and differentiate from a fake one. If you have missed that post, see it again just by clicking this link:




It is the most important part as a lot of people do the mistake here. In the popular portals and websites, you will get proper size charts which will help you to get the right one for you. If you are visiting the store you can enjoy the free trials. Yet if you are not sure about the fit, you can ask the helping hands of the store or ping us to know your actual size. This process will help you to get the best one for you.


If you want to go with the customized option, you can directly contact us. All you need to do is just share your actual size chart and we will craft one for you. The manufacturing process may take two to three weeks.


Now it comes to recognizing the reliable retailer. All the retailers cum businessman have their own style of forwarding. But they have some common ways when they are completely reliable and making a fair business.


You should choose a retailer who offers proper labeling with each product. And the label should contain all the required information about the product.
He the retailer should offer an easy return policy. All the genuine retailers who are confident about their services they offer complication-free return benefit for enhanced customer satisfaction.
They will have positive feedbacks on their sites and Google local listing.
A good retailer always guides the customer with the aftercare suggestions. Actually, it declares that the retailer cares for its products and ensures long term benefits.
Their payment method needs to be very easy. Any type of card can be used there.
If you want further details about the product, the retailer will happily share some useful information.

These are the main things that you need to seek in a retailer. If all these sections are matches properly, you can easily forward the purchase process.

Or you can simply visit us at Green Acres Mall. If you want to buy online, you can visit our website. And in a lot of popular shopping portals, our products are available. You can subscribe to us to get informed about new offers and arrivals.


The world is evolving! And there is nothing too much tough that women cannot match. From riding the bikes to climbing the rocks-women can do everything. Then why not wearing leather biker jackets in this winter season! Actually, there was an idea and that is biker jackets are limited to the men only. But hopefully, the idea is over now. In the ending decades of 1900, some female rock stars, Blondie and Billy Idol have introduced the leather jackets in the female fashion world. And after that now most of the women are just gaga about the real leather biker jackets.

Nowadays both men and women are same passionate about motorcycle riding. A few days earlier it was limited to the men’s game only. But now you can wear stylish biker jackets easily. Irving Schott has first designed these leather jackets for the military men. And after the Second World War, common people started to adopt this jacket in their daily life. The adding warmth and protection are the main attributes of this motorcycle jacket.

When we ride a motorcycle then we need adding protection. The cold wind, snow, dust and so many other things are there to interrupt your driving and make you sick. Apart from the style and elegance, biker jackets are also perfect for bike riding protection. Actually, it was designed in a unique way so that it can keep you warm as well as protected from the potential injuries.

When we ride a bike, we need a strong grip over the handles and feet at the right place. In this type of situation, if we cannot concentrate on riding due to cold wind, dust and other weather interruptions then what is the benefit of availing a motorcycle! In order to ride the bike without facing these interruptions, wearing a leather biker jacket is the best option.

But not all the things are going to fit in your cup! There are various types of biker jackets are available in the market and you have to pick the best one for you. It has been noticed that a lot of people end up by buying the wrong product. But there are some ways through which you can easily pick the best biker jacket without investing huge bucks-

    At the first move, you need to check the quality of the product. There are various types of leather textures- sheepskin, lambskin and so on. Generally, for the leather biker jackets, manufacturers prefer sheepskin. This kind of leather jacket is soft and durable.
    The unique design of the leather biker jacket offers sound protection to the chest, sleeves, and shoulder. And that’s why you need to check that your chosen leather jacket is properly quilted or not.
    There are a lot of color variations. When you are riding a bike in the foggy weather or in the dark night then wearing deep color jackets is the best option. Other drivers or walking people can recognize you from far and it is helpful to avoid the accidents. Mustard leather jackets, wine color, and black color jackets are in high demand always.
    In order to enjoy the comfort and protection, you should pick up the right size. A lot of people cannot enjoy the actual comfort due to selecting the wrong size. It is a true fact that not two men or women are same in this world unless they are a twin. And that’s why the size also differs. Generally, most of the dedicated manufacturers offer the right size guide so that you can pick the best product easily. Apart from these, Alen Cooper offers customization service so that you can avail exactly that you need.

In order to buy the best leather jacket finding the best destination is also important. Alen Cooper is a leading leather, shearling, and fur outerwear and footwear destination. Here you will get the best jackets and coats at the right price. All the boots are of high quality and professional finish. You can reach us online or offline. We are there 24/7 for our customers. For any kind of query, you can just leave a message and we will reply you instantly. Serving the customers the best service and product is the main motto of Alen Cooper. We have quality assured products with an easy return policy. We have no hidden policy. We only believe in fair business and customer satisfaction. 


People who are in need of a true fashion statement then you cannot ignore the charm of leather outerwear. They remain the staple item when it comes to women’s fashion. It is not that leather is a completely 20s invention. The leather is in the use for a longer time. Maybe previously it was completely men’s game but now women are enjoying its sparks too. When it comes to fashion then a lot of people say that it always changes but style never! But leather can be accepted as one of few precious things which never go out of fashion.

The leather outerwear is timeless! No matter what the era is, people will run after the real leather products. This is in part because of its distinctive appearance. For any kind of style, this material blends seamlessly. You can wear a leather jacket in a hundred different ways with a hundred different outfits.

Among all the leather jacket styles, the ‘biker’ is famous. Previous only the military men were using it but during the 1970s, women started to use it. A ladies black leather jacket is a great investment rather gift to yourself and your wardrobe. A denim jean, casual t-shirt, and just a black leather jacket can give you the most sensational look in the cold winter days. No matter what your age is, you can carry it at anywhere.

According to the Hollywood stars, leather outerwear is the utmost outerwear which can give the ultimate iconic status. Along with the style value, there is something more that you can expect from leather outerwear.

  1. First of all, it is durable and can accompany the wearer for a longer time of span. It has been noticed that properly maintained leather outerwear can run from one generation to the next generation. Real leather coats were the sign of class and economic status in the Victorian era. And still, they are getting the same level of value and attention from all the people of all around the globe.
  2. There was a time when people were running after the synthetic alternative. The too much chemical production and usages indirectly and directly harm the earth and accelerate global warming! Hopefully, people are getting aware and trying to avail an ORGANIC life. It is not that the earth is getting harmed only but also the health of the human is also facing the problems. Synthetic alternatives are the main reason of skin rashes, bumps, and awkward suffocation during the winter time. It has been noticed that a lot of people visit the dermatologist due to these rashes and bumps.
  3. Just a leather jacket is enough! You don’t need to wear lots of woolen outerwear and thermals in order to beat the cold and move freely outside the home if there is leather outerwear. no matter how cold the weather is just a leather jacket can keep you warm all day.
  4. Maybe in order to buy a leather jacket, you have to pay some bucks. But that is also a sign of cost-effectiveness too. If you avail a leather jacket then you don’t need to buy another one of that style for a longer time of span. But if you go with the synthetic alternatives then you have to visit the offline or online store every year. Synthetic alternatives may seem cheap but they last for only one to two years.
  5. No style is out of trend! What your grandfather has worn that you too can wear. That’s because leather is timeless and people are still in love with the very early models. Leather bomber jacket for women is a ruling option of today. This style is inspired by the military men’s outerwear, especially who work in the war tanks. Whether it is a long overcoat or a simple regular leather jacket- you will definitely look better by wearing leather outerwear!


Leather never goes out of style and that’s why a lot of people are just gaga about the leather outerwear. There are a lot of offline and online destinations from where you can avail the quality leather products. Actually, leather products are bit pricier but really worth the value. It has been noticed that a lot of people say leather is too pricey. But if you avail a leather outerwear then you don’t have to buy the same product again in next seven to ten years as real leather products come with the greater lifespan. In other words, it can be said that if you invest in leather products in 2018 then you don’t have to invest in the same product up to 2028! Isn’t that amazing?

It is really an amazing fact. But you can be amazed only when the leather is 100% genuine otherwise you will miss the soothing feeling of real leather. There are a lot of retailers who sell alternative leather products in name of real leather. And that’s why you need to be more careful before making a leather product purchase. Actually, shopping is an art and that you need to do with great perfection. In order to be a perfectionist, you just need to keep some facts in your concern and soon you will realize how much smart buyer you have become with the help of these tips. So, let’s have a glance at those effective tips-

Some effective tips to buy the best leather jacket-

Reliable retailer- The first and most effective tip is about finding the best and reliable retailer. Actually, there are a lot of retailers out there with high-quality product claim but not all are able to provide the best products and services. And that’s why you need to be a bit more careful before selecting a retailer. In order to get the best retailer, you can do some research online such as check the online reviews and ratings, check the price and compare with others, try to check the used materials, warranty, guaranty, return policy and mode of payment. If all these seem satisfying to you then you can make a purchase from that retailer without feeling reluctant.

Perfect fit- Before buying anything make sure you are completely aware of your size. You will look best only when you will wear the right size. There are a lot of people pick the wrong size and end up by blaming the manufacturer or the brand!

If you go with Alen Cooper then you will get the complete size chart from where you can make sure which the best choice is for you. All the products of Alen Cooper come with proper size chart so that buyers can enjoy the perfect fit.

Color- when it comes to leather products then we only think about the regular tan and black color. But there should be no limitation as people love to wear all the colors according to their mood. And that’s why Alen Cooper has brought a lot of color variations. Here you can enjoy all the colors with the perfect fit. A lot of people have liked Alen Cooper simply due to its unique approach and wide variations and those can surely satisfy you.

Exact sleeve length- sleeve length matters to make you look more attractive. If your chosen leather jacket’ sleeves are ending much before the wrist line then it is not the perfect option for you, exceeding the wrist line is not also acceptable. In Alen Cooper, you will get the complete size chart from where you can automatically understand which the perfect option for you is. A leather jacket with standard sleeve length makes you look simple yet elegant.

Take a trial- if you visit any shop physically then you will get the trial room to check the chosen option is nice for you or not. But when it comes to online shopping then probably there is no trial option apparently. And that’s why you need to become more careful in order to select the right product. But Alen Cooper offers easy return benefit so that you can make stay satisfied always. If you have bought a product online and if it is not offering you the perfect fit then you can easily return it. In this case, you have to spend the shipping charge. And then you can order another which seems perfect for you.

Pick the trendy ones- leather is always in style. But the design which has ruled 1990 cannot rule 2018. And that’s why you need to do some market research to know the latest trends. When it comes to Alen Cooper then get sure here you will get the latest and stylish product at the right price. Actually, Alen Cooper does the required market research so that it can best satisfy its customers with the best and latest collection.

So, if you are planning to buy the best quality leather jacket then simply keep these facts in your concern and make a quality leather outerwear purchase. For any other query, you can take a look at our FAQ section or simply connect with us through our given mail id.

Thank you


When it is a leather outerwear then both the men and women just love it. Every year a lot of people spend hugely to buy the best leather outerwear. But a lot of people end up by blaming the retailer and the brand. And we don’t want you to be disappointed like these people. And that’s why we are here with the best ideas so that anyone can avail the best leather jackets for men and women.

“People will stare. Make it worth their while”- Harry Winston

If you look good as well as stylish people will obviously stare at you and don’t offer them a single chance of pointing out anything negative about your leather outerwear. And that’s why you should always buy the leather outerwear from Alen Cooper. It is not about bragging! But we are here with all the latest leather outerwear collection. We import genuine leather, fur, and shearling and manufacture the best dresses of the market. What you can match here that you cannot match at anywhere else.  And that’s the main attraction of Alen Cooper.

We are not saying you to believe us blindly. We are here giving you some tips which will help you to buy the best products of the market. So, let’s become the smart buyer with us-

Choose the best retailer in the city- If you are planning to buy any leather outerwear then try to buy it from a reputable retailer. Actually leather is bit pricier and that’s why you need to be more careful otherwise your investment will go in vain. In order to choose the reliable retailer, you have to do some research online and ask your known ones for referrals. If you search online then try to evaluate the ratings and reviews and from there you will get a clear idea about the service and product of the retailer.

Check it is pure or not- When it comes to investing in leather then you need to be more careful. Actually, it has been noticed that there is a lot of retailers who sell duplicate products in name of real leather. And you need to stay away from these retailers if you want the real leather outerwear. Real leather outerwear comes with a greater lifespan. But if the products are not of genuine material then you cannot enjoy that for years. And that’s why you should try to know that your chosen retailer is selling genuine products or not.

Terms and condition- In order to become a smart buyer you have to know all the terms and condition of your chosen retailer (both offline and online). If you are not completely aware of the terms and conditions then a lot of mess will take place into your plate. And that is not amazing at all! Payment procedure and mode, adding charges, and return policy- you should have proper knowledge of all these things in order to purchase the best product from the best place.

Latest design- It is a normal fact that which design has ruled 1990 that will not simply rule 2018 and that’s why you need to pick the latest collection. It is not that all the retailers offer the latest collection. But when it comes to Alen Cooper then you can stay relax that here you will get the best collection of the market. Alen Cooper always does the required market research and according to the trend and season, it designs the best outerwear. It has started its journey in 2006, earlier it was dealing offline but now you can reach it online as it wants to satisfy more and more customers.

Hope these tips will help you to become a smart buyer and you can easily grab the best product from the market. The best fact of Alen Cooper is that here you will get the real leather, fur and shearling outerwear, latest design and the right price. Here you can enjoy the easy return service without any adding complication. It is simple; if the product is not up to your satisfaction then you can easily return that to us. And we will be glad to offer you our next amazing collection. Here you can enjoy a wider color and size variations. Lastly, it can be said that what you can match here that you cannot match at anywhere else.


Winter seems incomplete if you don’t have any leather jacket in your wardrobe! Every year winter comes with a wider variety of outerwear collection. But not all the things are going to fit in your cup! There are some common mistakes people do when they need to buy any leather winter wear. This blog is about those common mistakes and how to rectify those with Alen Cooper.

No doubt that purchasing leather jackets is a smart investment which ensures years of use and style. Instead of wearing too many clothes to stay warm, just wear a perfect leather jacket and get a sensational cool look. But you need to make sure that your chosen retailer is able to offer you the best products of the market. From the below points, get the idea why Alen Cooper is the best option for you-

A wide range of color Often it is noticed that a lot of leather and fur garment retailers are unable to offer you the wide range of color variations. And buyers need to adjust with the regular colors. But when it comes to Alen Cooper then you can easily enjoy a lot of color options along with the regular black and tan colored jacket. Here you will get all the trending colors and the buyers never go wrong buying any color at Alen Cooper.


Unique style- People get easily bored with the regular design of leather and fur garments at every winter. But this time, you won’t be bored as Alen Cooper is here for you with unique and stylish leather, fur and shearling outerwear. Its own manufacturing setting with expert professionals is there to let you experience the uniqueness easily.

Added quality- It is not that Alen Cooper only offers the best quality leather, fur, and shearling but also makes the entire outerwear more glamorous by adding zippers, buttons, Thinsulate, rivets, and lining. From making the leather wear-worthy to stitching for a good fit, everything here does with great care and expertise. Every little added accessory is chosen from the market separately to let the buyers get the best products at Alen Cooper. Whether it is zipper or leather, everything gets equal importance to ensure the quality.

Different size variations- This is another important reason for which people prefer to buy the leather and fur garment at Alen Cooper. Alen Cooper does not compromise with limited size options. Here you will get garments of every size without compromising the color and style factors. We believe in customer satisfaction and that’s why we make it sure, we are able to serve maximum people. All the products have size variations and you can easily pick the flexible one.

Different size variations

Trending options- What had ruled the trend ten years earlier that cannot rule now. And that’s why people always do experiment with the outerwear. And the best fact is that Alen Cooper can create the trend easily as it does proper market research before launching any new product on the market. With the proper market research, it best understands what is going to rule in the coming season and manufactures accordingly.

Reliable approach- It has been observed that a lot of people have confessed that their investments in leather and furs have gone wrong simply because of an unreliable retailer. And that’s why you are suggested to always buy the products from a brand or a reliable manufacturer who is deep-rooted in this field of business. Alen Cooper is just like a brand with great manufacturing knowledge and support for the right quality with years of experience behind them.

Secure payment and shipping- Alen Cooper prefers to make fair business and that’s why its all approaches are transparent. You can easily purchase a product from Alen Cooper online and offline. All the payment options are highly secured with great security support. It has enabled advanced technologies to let its customers enjoy a more secure way of shopping.

If you are not able to visit Alen Cooper stores physically then just explore the wide collection and grab the best ones. Your purchased product will be shipped at your door with proper care within a very short span of time.

Fair terms and conditions- It is noticed that many online buyers complain that the e-commerce sites have fooled them with the tricky t&c. But Alen Cooper never does that as it fully believes in fair business. There are no hidden charges or conditions for which you need to be puzzled later. Here you will get contradiction free payment options, genuine discounts and fair purchasing policy and these really ensure a great shopping experience.

These are the 8 trending factors for which you should try Alen Cooper in this season. Whatever the style statement is Alen Cooper will satisfy you at the best level.

So, come and rule the trend with Alen Cooper!


Winter seems incomplete if you don’t have any leather jacket in your wardrobe! Every year winter comes with a wider variety of outerwear collection. But not all the things are going to fit in your cup! There are some common mistakes people do when they need to buy any leather winter wear. This blog is about those common mistakes and the ways to avoid easily.

No doubt that purchasing leather jackets is a smart investment which ensures years of use and style. Instead of wearing too many clothes to stay warm, just wear a perfect leather jacket and get a sensational cool look. But your chosen jackets are perfect for you or not, let’s ensure that from the below-mentioned points-

1.) Picking the wrong color- Brown and black are the most common colored leather jackets available in all the stores. You can simply go with those. But if you wear brown shoes then you simply cannot wear a black leather jacket if you don’t want to look awkward. If you try something unique then you will get different color leather jackets at Alen Cooper. But always try to pick one-colored leather jackets instead of bi-colors.

2.) Button front jackets- When it is a leather jacket then you cannot simply consider the warm factor. You should purchase a jacket which is able to offer you the desired warmth without making you uncomfortable. But if you choose a button front jacket then it simply cannot keep the warmth same for all the time as it enables free spaces from where cold air can pass into your jacket. On the contrary, a zipper closure is fine for leather jackets as you can easily close it properly for maximum warmth.

3.) Overlooking the quality- It is another common mistake that people do when they buy leather materials. They just get too much impressed by the designs and forget to verify the quality of the products. Always try to pick the leather jackets which are of sheepskin. Alen Cooper’s jackets are made of by sheepskin and that’s why you can stay relax that here you are going to get the best products at the reasonable price.

4.) Picking too short jackets- There are various types of leather jackets in various sizes and shapes. But you are suggested to pick the jackets which have waist length at least. Otherwise, wearing short jackets interrupt the wearer to move freely. Many people get confused when they need to pick the right size. At Alen Cooper, you will get different size variations.


5.) Choose the best retailer- When it comes to buying the best leather jackets and accessories then you cannot follow a random retailer. It is noticed that a lot of people have confessed that their invests in leather have gone wrong simply because of an unreliable retailer. And that’s why you are suggested to always buy the products from a brand or a reliable manufacturer. Alen is just like a brand with great manufacturing support.

6.) Pocket matters- Most of the leather jackets come with pockets. Pockets not only look stylish but also add a lot of other benefits. The position, size, and shape of the pocket really hold a greater value. Pockets should be at the comfortable places so that you can place your hand inside the pocket and keep the necessary small stuff securely. At Alen Cooper, you will get zipper pockets on the jackets and these keep the things in a more secure manner.

7.) Overlooking the hood- Some people like jackets with hoods and some people prefer the plain jacket without any hood. If you like the hood then check in which material the hood is made of. At Alen Cooper, generally, the hoods are of high-quality shearling and real fur. And these offer the wearer a great comfort. During the rain or snowfall, jackets with hood seem very beneficial.

8.) Color variation- It is not an astonishing fact that people are getting bored with the regular brown and black colored leather jacket. And that’s why now Alen Cooper is here with a wider leather jacket collection of different colors. Here you will get jackets of all color as it is a successful manufacturing company and it will not disappoint you.

So, if you are in search of a high-quality leather jacket then you just don’t need to roam randomly. You can easily visit Alen Cooper both online and offline and grab the best one. so, don’t wait, just come and lead the trend easily!

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