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Womens Shearling Blazer in Mouton for a Refined Look


Original price was: $2,400.00.Current price is: $895.00.

Product Features

  • Waist length jacket
  • Real sheepskin leather with silky-crak finishing
  • Shearling fur trim
  • Double breast style
  • Belted front closing along waist
  • Collar-down followed by lapel

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Experience tremendous comfort while being wrapped in style with this Womens Shearling Blazer in Mouton. Fear no more the approaching harsh weather when authentic shearling mouton takes up the daily dressing theme. This blazer-style outerwear is versatile and suitable for formal attire, everyday wear as well as party dressing. Thus choose to remain toasty in style throughout winter with this fantastic outerwear. 

Features of the Mouton Shearling Womens Blazer 

When it is about detailing and features, the blazer not only exudes the integral statement through them but significantly keeps up with maintaining each of their usefulness. For instance, the cloverleaf style of the collar, besides utterly promoting elegance, also effectively renders warmth. Then again, there are slit pockets which indeed keep hands warm but also provide for a hassle-free slide-in and out while maintaining a seamlessly uniform appeal. 

Further, the Shearling Womens Blazer in Mouton which is trimmed gives off incredible splendor. Trimmed wool’s overall uniform texture reflects a velvety-like finish which makes it just a lovely apparel for any party or even business setting. However, there is the premium satin lining fully lined on the interior to add more to the comfort. Nevertheless, this original dense shearling wool fends the adverse weather with a good index. 

Ending Clause

All in all, this button-down, slightly baggy-fitting Womens Shearling Blazer in Mouton is an effortless comfy dressing option to look neat and fashionable throughout winter.  It is one such design that is highly durable although minimum care is to be given. The skillful concept holds its back even when the trend transits. 

Features of the Womens Shearling Blazer in Mouton

  • Waist-length single-tone Olive Green women’s blazer
  • Velvety finished real pelts of shearling wool emanate sheen
  • Slit-style front pockets for seamless hand sliding and storing items
  • Central button-down front closure
  • Long Sleeves in a slightly baggy fitting structure
  • Cloverleaf-like beautiful collar 
  • Internal satin lining imparts sumptuousness 


  • Finish – Velvety
  • Wool – Authentic Shearling Mouton
  • Internal lining – Premium Satin
  • Wool Texture – Uniform
  • Woolen Cloverleaf Style Collar with Notched Lapels
  • Button-down Front 
  • Waist-length Blazer
  • Woolen Slit Pockets
  • Temperature – 25°F
  • Wind Resistant
  • Application – Casual, Semi-formal, Formal, Festive
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