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Womens Mink Fur Dressy Coat – Magnificence Balanced with Practical Features


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This spectacular womens mink fur dressy coat is designed using the finest quality pelts to ensure comfort as well as durability. Its dressy cut can glamorize the looks of any woman. The appealing navy blue shade certainly adds to its elegance. It’s designed with a turtleneck collar which envelops the entire neck in pleasant warmth of mink fur. The lapels can be closed using a designer button. The fashionably designed sleeves truly complement the gorgeous looks of this winter-outfit.

Magnificent Womens Dressy Coat in Mink Fur with Classy Features

The artistic placement of the pelts of mink fur certainly attributes a unique look to this dressy coat. As can be seen, the upper part of this outfit is embellished by pelts arranged in horizontal tiers. However, the lower part of this coat, starting from the waist to the hemline, features a different design. Designers have sewn large pelts of mink fur in an angular pattern to embellish this part.

The contrast between the designs of the upper and lower parts of this coat looks amazing. The turtleneck collar is certainly another praiseworthy feature. It keeps the neck comfortably warm in winter. Furthermore, the collar can be folded for a different look. One may even close the lapels using a lovely button sewn at the top of this coat. This winter-outfit is also designed with durable hook-and-eye fasteners.

The sleeves deserve a special mention owing to their unique design. As can be seen, the lower part of the sleeves is wider than the upper part. This unique designing style certainly attributes a special look to the sleeves. Indeed, this is a glamorizing feature. At the same time, it covers the arms in pleasant warmth of fur. This dressy coat looks elegant when paired with skinny trousers, leather pants, jeans or other types of women’s trousers. One may even wear it over short skirts or dresses.

Key Components:

  • Elegant dressy coat of mink fur in navy blue designed to befit the glamour of parties or celebrations
  • Silky satin lining and plush texture of mink fur makes this outfit incredibly comfortable to wear
  • Modish long sleeves offer maximum protection from the cold
  • A designer button at the top of the coat can close the lapels of the turtleneck collar
  • Large side pockets are useful for carrying one’s essentials
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