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Womens Long Coat in Fox Fur Pelts and Satin


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An attractive appearance highlights personality and splendor! One can have a carefree winter owing to Alen Cooper’s ingenious concepts, which today provide a variety of products with versatility in terms of physique, utility, and purpose. One such example, the Womens Long Coat in Fox fur, has been meticulously crafted to amp up its appeal and exude a feeling of modernity. 

Function and Comfort

Genuine fox fur is a dependable defense against the chilly air. This baggy tuxedo coat’s main purpose is to provide winter protection. Its thick, natural fur makes it perfect for harsh winters. Warmth retention is aided with an extra fully lined satin on the underside. Satin along with the high-end fur has soft, velvety textures that elevate the luxury. 

This pea-length coat proves to be of the highest caliber. To emphasize, the comfort is furthered by the long sleeves with loose cuffs. The uniformity of fur texture improves elegance. The coat’s broad shawl collar further refines its look. It adds a great edge to the gorgeous frontline. The fur collar keeps the neck warm and comfortable over the long term. The toasty definition of winter clothing is completed by side pockets with slit-style openings.

Besides, the great beauty of real Arctic Fox Fur hued in emerald green is worth emphasizing in terms of aesthetics. Also the fixed hood, besides providing protection, markedly lends flair to the outlook. 

Ending Clause

The Fox Fur Long Womens Coat is a luxurious piece of clothing with a truly regal touch; it features strong seam stitching to guarantee its durability. It also meets the requirements for sophisticated dress and may be incorporated into special event outfits, which is another advantage.  It can be worn with short bodycon dresses, slender jeans, or loose-fitting casual pants. It is practical and comfy to wear the coat. The clothing’s inherent beauty makes it stand out as being ultra-trendy.


Physical Features of the Womens Long Coat in Fox Fur:

  • Fashionable Pea-length winter coat in fox fur and internal satin lining
  • Natural high-grade dense Arctic fox fur
  • Shawl-style furry collar with paragraph pattern frontline
  • Concealed Clip-Lock hooks for front closure 
  • Slit pockets
  • Long Sleeves 
  • Comfortable baggy fit coat


  • Fur – Authentic Arctic Fox Fur
  • Internal Lining – Premium Satin
  • Fur Texture – Uniform
  • Clip-lock Front Closure
  • Shawl Collar with Frontline
  • Fixed Hood
  • Slit pockets
  • Pea-length Tuxedo Coat
  • Temperature – 25°F
  • Wind Resistant
  • Application – Casual, Semi-formal, Festive
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